How long will you wait for your ad cheque to arrive?

How long will you wait for your ad earnings cheque to arrive? 1 week? 1 month? 2 months? Well, to me, the best would be to get the cheque within 1 month. After all, we have to give a little time for the staff to do the processing. But two months?

I understand that it seems to be the norm for most people who are cashing out their ad earnings, but it is pretty frustrating to know that they are grossly inefficient in their job. I’ve been talking about Nuffnang and how they don’t seem to listen or respond quickly to customer satisfaction. But now the problem is Advertlets take their own bloody sweet time to pay me my ad earnings.

That’s not the main problem though. I just wish that I can at least know when my cheque will arrive. Making me wait this long (since 4th of May), and the whole status is listed as ‘Unpaid’ doesn’t make my life easier. Sometimes you want to get a little money to spend, or satisfy a particular craving, but at this rate my craving will probably end before the money arrives. In Advertlets, there is supposedly different statuses like processing, and according to their website, processing takes 1 – 2 months, to determine click fraud and stuff. But my status is still at ‘Unpaid’. It’s not even processing! Should I be waiting for another 2 months? That’s totally inefficient! I really hope there’s a good explanation for all these, after all, i’m not the first person to think the duration is too long.

Many people have complained, and I guess when you see that your customer is not satisfied, you should do something to check. There is not much checking needed for me for click fraud. Hell, most of my earnings are through visits and not clicks anyway.

So what if their company is from Malaysia? I think it’s time for them to decide if Singapore bloggers are worth the trouble. If Singapore bloggers are worth the trouble, set up a Singapore office to process the cheques faster. Hell we can even go down and collect the cheque and save on postage fees.

Seriously, I think the only credible ad agency amongst the 3 is Blog2U. So far I have not received any ads through their auto-accept system, but I’ve seen people having ads run. However, I have gotten reviews chances from them, and their representative Shirley is really nice and polite. The best thing is that they process the money quick and by bank transfer. The money is fast, the service is good, I think the other two companies should learn from them. Perhaps they do not have such a big customer base or publisher base, but I will choose them over the other two anytime because what matters to me is myself. I guess as long as a company demonstrates that I am important to them, I will stick to their company. It makes perfect sense right?

So Advertlets, how long do you want me to wait before my status even proceeds to ‘processing’? Are they trying to wait till the exchange rates change? It makes no sense.

2 thoughts on “How long will you wait for your ad cheque to arrive?

  1. Yes I have, but it took 2 months plus. I feel that they could be more efficient, especially when the value of my money dropped due to exchange rate fluctuations. About 4 dollars less in 2 months.

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