Nothing like a good run to start your day

I think running is a great way to start your day. I would know, I just did it today! My Primary School friend called me up and asked if I wanted to go jogging at the Lakeside Park. There’s this new (ok maybe not so new) park at the Lakeside area (Lakeside MRT), part of the ongoing process to link up all the parks in Singapore. Hence there’s running and cycling tracks built there.

So I agreed and I went down. We ran from the start, then into Chinese Garden and ran to Japanese Garden before looping back to Chinese Garden and my friend wanted to climb the 7 Story Pagoda. For a moment I thought he wanted to run up there, and I was bracing myself for it. Then, at the foot of the Pagoda, he said “Yes we made it”. Oh. Haha. Thankfully we didn’t run up because I think that is quite sick and we were quite tired. I am not sure what’s the distance I ran, but I doubt it’s very long. Perhaps we should increase the distance next time.

But I must say it felt good. It’s nice to run with a friend too. We walked out from Chinese Garden, and he bought a drink. I didn’t bring money, so I didn’t get any. But I tell you, it felt simply shiok when I returned home and drank juice. Even juice tastes super shiok. Next time I will bring money and get an isotonic drink to replenish my salts.

The best thing about a run is the shower. A nice long warm shower for me (maybe you would like it cold) really makes me happy.

But I have no idea why, after a run, I would feel disciplined and want to work. For the past few days I have been slacking and not working. My target for launching the second version of NextTutor is tomorrow, but I am afraid I cannot meet the target. But latest would be this week I guess. For now, I have to work!

2 thoughts on “Nothing like a good run to start your day

  1. Haha the starting is pretty nice, but after the Japanese garden’s entrance it gets a little ulu..So normally can just turn into Japanese Garden for the jog. Haha.

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