A trip to the airport

Well Nelson came back today from Indonesia and so a few of us went down to the airport to welcome him back for another semester of studying! Hawhawhaw! Actually there was supposed to be four of us, but Michelle’s aunt suddenly came from Australia and she had to eat lunch with her aunt so… But nonetheless, I’m the first to arrive at 12.30pm. We’re supposed to meet at 1pm.

The airport is a pretty nice and interesting place to me. I really love the airport. I don’t know why actually but maybe it’s because most of the time when I go to the airport I’m going off on a holiday, and that feels really shiok actually. I want to go Japan, but my friends seem to prefer Europe. Different frequency lah, need to find some common interests people to go with me. But that is after my university, when I’ve achieved at least a certain proficiency in Jap!

Cheng Ying and Yida came late lah, and I met them at 1.30pm instead. The funny thing is that Cheng Ying the organizer thought it was Terminal 2, but I went to check and the only possible flight coming from Jakarta at a scheduled time of 1355 was in Terminal 1, and luckily I was right.

But the flight got delayed and the plane only landed in 1452, about an hour later. We only managed to fetch Nelson back at 3.30pm, when we were supposed to do so an hour earlier. Eventually we took a cab back to Nelson’s house and just see him unpack. He has a whole luggage full of food! For his needs for the semester actually.

In the end we left at 5pm and it was a nice outing because the clique didn’t manage to go out at all in June.

* I want to fly!*

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