UOB and their horrible service

I need to get this out of my system. I am totally displeased with the way UOB conducted its operations. Recently, they changed all their debit cards and replaced it with a UOB NOW card, which is free only for the first year.

A bit of history. I applied in December 2006. Then, I knew that the points will expire within two years, and I knew I would have spent enough to redeem my points within the two years. Hence I applied for a TX account, which is free totally, and it came with the TX card.

Recently, in about April or May, they sent me a UOB NOW card, meant to replace the TX card. I was happy initially, because my TX card is super chui. The problem is that I have to spend like SGD $2000+ from second year onwards for the fees to be waived. As a student, my purchasing power is not high enough, so how could I accept this?

Hence I went down to UOB at Raffles Place and applied for the Campus Account that comes with the Campus card. What happened is totally unsatisfactory because the front line staff is clueless with the product they are offering. I got my account cancelled, and my Campus Account registered. After consulting with her superior than the staff realized that the Campus Card has ALSO been replaced with the UOB NOW card. I was really pissed off, because I had wasted my time there. But I asked if it would be free since it’s tied to a Campus Account, and she said yes. “Even for the second year onwards?” The reply was yes.

Then more problem came up. She wanted to tie the Campus Account to the NOW card I had initially, but I had not activated my NOW card. Hence she cannot tie the account to the card, and told me she will reapply for me a new NOW card and she cut up my NOW card. Ok fine, that was in May.

When end of June arrived (two bloody months), I emailed them about my UNI rewards points, and it is only today, two weeks after the email that they bothered to call me up. And now what have I realised?

Firstly, Campus Account or whatever account, you still have to pay the fees from the second year onwards. Thanks UOB, you could have told me that on the start, and I would just have to withdraw my money and move on to another bank.

Secondly, they will not process all reapplications when they have sent the initial one. Thanks UOB, you cut up my card and refused my reapplication! Furthermore, you called me in the mid June and asked me if I got my new card, of which I said no, and you told me you’ll process it. I even went down to UOB again in mid June to check on my status, and it is in process. Now, UOB, you tell me the application is NOT even processed. Thanks UOB, I certainly deserve better.

Lastly, I have insufficient points to redeem anything. Besides, if I want to redeem, I got to get the card because only via the card can I redeem anything. Why can’t you tie the points system to the internet banking facility you twit bank. The problem with you is that I could have had enough points, but I didn’t because I didn’t even have the full two years to spend enough. The problem is that they are going to expire ahead of schedule (not two years) because UOB decided it was smart of them to change it to SMART points. Yeah UOB, thanks huh.

Now I told the guy not to process my application anymore. One of these days I am going to cancel my account with UOB, take the money out, and go to DBS. After all, it makes more sense right? DBS has an NUS debit card that offers me four years of free card services. It allows me to pay for my domain name + stuff at least for the next four years.

Thanks UOB, with all the hoo haa about customer service, I have discovered what a wonderful company you are. Rest assured I would be very apprehensive about where I put my money next time when I graduate. Perhaps when I want to do any investments, UOB will be the last bank of my choice. So there. Thanks UOB for wasting my time since May. Two months plus. Thank you!

7 thoughts on “UOB and their horrible service

  1. I suggest to write a complaint letter to UOB to voice out your unhappiness.

    The problem resolve or not, is another thing. At least you voice out. Just like what I did to Standard Chartered Bank few months back.

  2. but dbs has horrible rates. haha. maybe look into ocbc or citibank? if you’re going to start working, citibank seems to have some good plans. iono. just a suggestion.

    sorry to hear about your bad experience with uob. my dad doesn’t really like them either. haha. i’ve never tried their services but i guess i would be really guarded now. XP

  3. The good thing about UOB is that you don’t have to join the long queue over at the ATM to withdraw money.

    You can laugh at people who’re queuing up at the DBS ATM.

  4. @motd: Yes, when staff that are in the front line dealing with customers do not know what their company is actually offering, it shows badly on the company plus it really irritates customers because the information is wrong. Not to mention because of her I wasted time and effort on UOB.

    @deathstarx: I already have a DBS/POSB account, so the rates don’t really bother me. Well I’m only going to start working in 3 years time, so I’ll still stick to debit cards. It happens that probably DBS is the only one that gives NUS students a free debit card.

    @oOFooi: Yes I do agree. Customers, at the very least expect accurate information.

    @Jawker: Haha that I agree, but I have never used my debit card for atm purposes. I mainly use my debit card for purchases especially when I pay for stuff online. Hence there is no incentive for me to stick to UOB for its ATM. Haha.

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