Hancock Poster

I watched this movie with Jia Hao on Monday, as part of the celebrations for his 22nd birthday. We wanted to watch either Wanted or Hancock, but I heard from my friends that Wanted is super lame, hence Hancock is was, and I think it’s pretty much worth it, considering we only spent 6 bucks.

Basically Hancock is a superhero gone bad. The intention to save people is there, but he does many things that make people resent him. Everytime he saves someone, he creates a huge mess that loads of money has to be spent. For example, knocking into the directional signs, jamming his legs into the highway, bringing the bad guy’s car onto the roof of a tall building blabla.

And when he saves the PR guy, he destroys the front of the train in the process and all the goods behind the train gets messed up pretty badly. Imaging stopping a moving train there and then with no displacement. The impulse will be so great when the train segments collide right? Ok enough of physics.

Eventually he underwent an image change and a mentality change and emerges as the perfect hero, saving people, not getting wounded at all, but he is lonely. And (spoilers) it turns out that the PR guy’s wife was the “wife” of Hancock. They are like angels, blabla, and when they get together their powers degrade with time.

Hence Hancock got shot, and his enemies come back to take revenge. What happens? Well, I guess you should just watch the movie to find out. If you ask me about ratings, I guess a 6.5 upon 10? It isn’t that great a movie, and I guess Get Smart is a better investment.

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