JDrama: My Boss My Hero

My Boss My Hero

This is seriously a good JDrama. I enjoyed all ten episodes very much and I must say I watched it within 3 days and now it has left a void inside me. This belongs to a comedy kind of drama and it’s based on school life, like Dragon Zakura, another great JDrama that I have watched during this three month university holiday.

So what’s this drama about? This drama is about this guy Makio who’s 27 going on to 28 in this year (2007). His father is the boss of a Yakuza, meaning gang. However, his father wanted to do his part as a father and hence forces Makio to go to school before he will consider him to be the next boss. Makio, whose wish is to become boss, had to agree.

The problem is that his dad got him into the high school through the back door and he has to hide his identity. No one must know he belongs to a Yakuza, so no violence blabla. In the end he gets bullied and has to hand over money occasionally to the class bully. He fails his exams, attends supplementary classes and ends up attending preparation courses for university entrance examinations, something he need not take since he is not going to university.

Through the 10 episodes he matured and learnt more things about love and friendship, and even fell in love with a 17 year old girl. (He hid his age and everyone thought he was 17). This story is pretty funny because he has to pretend to be a nice guy and not get violent. But actually he is a pretty nice guy to his classmates. He becomes the class leader and led the class in many activities.

This is a pretty good JDrama so watch it if you have time!

9 out of 10 stars.

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