JDrama: Absolute Boyfriend (Zettai Kareshi)

Zettai Kareshi

Imagine having the perfect love robot. A male robot dedicated solely to love. To please you and make you happy. Engineered just to how you think a perfect boyfriend should be. Should he be easily jealous? Adventurous in bed? What looks should he have? Should he come and pick you up from work? Blablabla.

Zettai Kareshi, literally Absolute Boyfriend (Zettai = Absolute and Kareshi = Boyfriend), is about how a Japanese research company created this so called perfect lover, in the form of a male robot. They wanted someone to test the robot, hence they tried to find someone.

Izawa Riiko is the lady that they found. Apparantly she’s too serious for people to like her, and she has just been unsuccessfully trying to attract the guy she likes. Sadly that guy doesn’t like her at all.

A namecard was given to her by the research scientist, Namikiri Gaku, and she went to the company to look around. In the end Namikiri convinces her that he is able to find the guy of her dreams and asks her to fill up a computerised form of characteristics her boyfriend should have. Soon enough, the robot prototype 01 was sent to her.

Frankly, the robot is really nice to her. If he is human, perhaps she would have liked him, but it’s a little weird to like a robot knowing that it’s a robot. By some unfortunate chain of events, she eventually “bought” 01 at 100 million yen, payable in instalments of 70 years. Thankfully 01, whom she named Tenjo Night, is able to work and help her share the burden.

The robot does many nice things for her, including helping her patch up her strained relationship with her father when her parents came to visit, and even gained the approval of her father. He once went to search the entire forest for torn pieces of a photo, just because the win blew them away. He tells Riiko that he loves her constantly and always says he is her ideal boyfriend, of which Riiko will cut in halfway and tell people he is just her cousin.

Eventually, Tenjo Night had his own mindset and stopped following the program he was programmed to do. He becomes quite “human” because he has feelings and his own mentality and plans. The research company sends someone to recall 01 back to reformat him, because a robot that doesn’t follow the program is dangerous. Namikiri informs Riiko of what the company wants to do, and Riiko runs to the company only to discover that Night is being reformatted.

However Night resists reformatting, and Riiko successfully intervenes. During Namikiri’s call to Riiko when Night was “in custody”, Riiko learns that Night has his own consciousness. Riiko starts to appreciate him and love him back, but a very sad thing happened.


Night’s human’s instincts is causing the computer to overheat. His main chip eventually burns out, and before he “dies” he did many things for Riiko, and even recorded his memory in his main chip. When he dies Namikiri gives Riiko the main chip and let her see the video of Night’s memory, and Riiko cries because she loved Night too. I feel very sad after watching the ending, but I guess that’s the best ending. It would be weird if they lived happily every after and Night doesn’t age right? Not to mention fornicating with a robot. Hmm.

End of spoilers!

Anyway this is an absolutely good (pun intended) drama series. Do watch it. 8.5 out of 10 stars!

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