Joker: The White Knight Review

The movie is actually Batman: The Dark Knight, but I thought it would be a great title to give it an alternative name, Joker: The White Knight, as a tribute to the actor Heath Ledger who died after the movie was done. The tribute is not something that I give out without merit. Seriously, the character Joker was portrayed so well that I feel Joker IS the main character, rather than Batman.

Why The White Knight then? White as in versus black. Similar for Joker’s white face and Batman’s Dark mask. Perhaps it should be called bright vs dark, but I thought The Bright Knight sounds weird. Anyway in the movie Joker tells Batman “you complete me”. In a way, Joker is the opposite of Batman. The balance of good and evil. The yin and the yang. The white and the black, whatever you call it. I find it alright to say Knight since in a way the Joker is fighting for himself, and is quite good at showing how corruptible the human beings are.

It’s a first, but I must write this here instead of writing this after I end off. I rate this 9 out of 10. It’s very good. Kept me captivated for the whole 2 and the half hours. If any movie deserves to be called action packed, this is it. It’s really packed with action from the first hour. I saw the Joker get caught, I thought it’s going to end soon, but it’s wrong. More action comes, more plot, more sinister Joker moves, plenty of chances for the Joker to show his power. It’s really captivating and great.

Jiahao reviewed this long ago and Waikit did too. Read their reviews for more information.

I fully understand why people have called for Heath Ledger to be given a posthumous Oscar. This movie allows him much room to play and display his brilliant acting skills. His portrayal of Joker is so good and so evil that I feel Joker is such a more interesting character than Batman in the movie.

By the way, Batman Begins is supposedly the prequel, but you don’t have to watch it to watch The Dark Knight. I haven’t watched Batman Begins before, but perhaps I should watch it. Time for some Batman maniac time.

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