Lousy Self

Actually sometimes you just feel that you’re totally lousy. I don’t know why but I just dislike and find it difficult to approach people I don’t know well. In a sense it’s not very healthy. It’s like sometimes it’s just a simple thing to do, but you delay doing it and even hope you need not do it because you are just simply too shy or embarrassed to say something?

Today my friend asked me to help do something but I didn’t. After a while I felt a little guilty because I didn’t help because of my lousy character where I just don’t like approaching people I don’t know, even when it’s just something simple.

I should really change, but how do you change something that’s fundamentally part of yourself for the past twenty two years? Sometimes I just think I am just lousy.

One thought on “Lousy Self

  1. You are not lousy la! It’s not as if you are the rare one that dislike approaching strangers. I am sure there are alot of pple out there that dislike doing so too. It’s just that even though they dislike, they still do so. May be you can try doing so more often even tho you dislike it? Perhaps over time, you will be able to overcome the feeling of uneasiness. šŸ™‚ Have faith, in yourself

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