Friends are an integral part of your lives, and they accompany you through life. Some friends stick with you as you change schools, some don’t. Some friends are closer, some are not. Some remember your birthdays and will wish you happy birthday, either through an sms, or by writing on your wall in Facebook, or even saying it on MSN.

Some friends celebrate your birthday together, some don’t. Some will make a party all just for you, some will just have a simple meal. Who is to say what is right? For as long as they remember, we’re all happy about it. A simple meal has its pleasures, a party has its advantages.

Having friends is a happy thing. They talk to you when you are alone, accompany you on that long train ride home. They laugh at your jokes even when it is not exactly funny, and the best thing is, they are there when you need them to be, or at least I hope I can do that.

Sometimes having a large group of friends is fine, sometimes it is not. A smaller close knit group is great when everyone is as close to each other, but let’s not deceive ourselves because it’s not true. Most likely, even within a small group of friends, you have friends that are closer to some people, and that is a universal concept that is not to be changed.

What we can just do for all of our friends is to make them enjoy being with everyone of us. Keep them in the loop of what’s happening, get them out for outings. Each other’s birthdays. Make a point to eat lunch or dinner together occasionally. Study together when you have the time even when the modules are different. Take the same modules together and have fun.

I guess that’s what friends are about. Just spending occasional time together. Because I’m an electrical engineer, I like it when charges stick to electrically charged plates. I’m the plate, and friends are the charges. Talk to me and I promise I’ll be the best friend I could ever be. After all, what matters to me in university is to have friends to finish the 4 years together with me. Isn’t it?

6 thoughts on “Friends

  1. Assuming that the good Ignorantsoup is a positively-charged plate, you might end up with more trouble than it’s worth when you start attracting the negative charges πŸ˜›

  2. Haha. Too much physics! But true, later attract too much negative charges also no time to entertain them. Lol.. It’s still better to be a planet with some other planets revolving around you

    i rmb the phrase: engineers think that the world revolves around them because they get to choose the coordinate system.

  3. Guess everybody will want to feel loved and treasured be it from friends or loved ones. Count yourself lucky to meet true friends who truly care. Otherwise, just take things easy and don’t be too affected by their indifference. I am sure your uni friends do care. May be time and some events will bond you pple closer. πŸ™‚ You will be happier if you expect lesser. πŸ™‚

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