My modules so far in sem 3

Well it’s the first day of school today and I finally gotten my last module. Why so late? Because to get the sixth module, we have to bid from round 3 onwards, and round 3 starts today. It’s due to a new NUS policy where they try to make it easier for people to get all 5 modules first before allowing the rest of us who want a sixth module to try.

I’m not being a sick mugger when I took this sixth module, but I absolutely have to clear it for my minor requirements. Since the department of ECE decides that we have to take 2 business modules, it has lead me to need to overload 3 semesters so that I can do my IA and clear my minor altogether within 8 normal semesters.

Hence here is the breakdown:
EE2004 – 1 point
EE2005 – 1 point
EE2011 – 1 point
All these three above are preallocated.
MKT1003 – 1 point
GEK1520 – 600 point from G account
MA2216 – 1 point

There you go. 605 points spent this semester.

Tutorial balloting also starts today. I managed to get my desired tutorial slots for GEK1520, EE2004 and EE2011. EE2005 I didn’t get because everyone chose the same slots. Why? Because the other EE2005 tutorial slots clash with the other preallocated module’s lectures. Totally stupid. No one from the same group as me would be able to attend the other tutorials. Dumb right?

So I shall do something tomorrow, maybe appeal. Then I will wait till round two before I ballot for my MKT1003 and MA2216 tutorials, of which both I hope to get my desired slots.

Got to pray then!

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