What a long break from blogging

I haven’t been really blogging for a very long time. I can’t remember the last time I sat down to write a decent post, be it a serious opinion or a book review, or even a review for the JDramas that I have watched before. Most of the time I seem to have lost an interest or lost the passion, the zeal, of blogging.

The main reason is that the semester has started and I became lazy. There’s just stuff to do at night, and the freshies are already freaking me out. It seemed that this batch of freshies are all very hardworking. My lecture just ended and they came in to sit down and take out their lecture notes, and I haven’t even gotten out of the lecture yet!

The libraries are quite occupied too. I’m surprised to see the whole of level 5 taken only in the beginning of second week. Unless the seniors changed all at one shot, the logical reason is that quite a number of freshies are inside.

I know they are different because they hunt for textbooks more rigorously than we did last year. They kept asking me if I knew anyone still selling the MLE textbooks. But admittedly, some are just plain stupid, or desperate. Two guys in Used Textbook Forum sold their MLE textbooks for 35 and 36 dollars respectively. The clementi bookshop price is about $38 and that’s first hand. 2 dollars cheaper for a 2nd hand book? I rather “upsize” and get a new one.

But thankfully they have not started to book the discussion rooms yet, so I can still book them and have my group mugging therapy sessions. Again this semester is 6 modules so more work needs to be done.

A friend challenged me. Loser treats winner to Kushinbo. Based on the SAP score. So there’s much work to be done, very little time. I even brought my Japanese homework to school to do. It’s pretty fun though, being in school and studying. A good change to lazying around in the 3 months holiday.

I ran today too. Ran a shorter distance and didn’t clock the time I wanted to clock. In short I’m slower and more easily tired than I was last month. I guess I need to get used to running.

Well uni life is pretty much settled. Bought all my 3 core module’s books already, the last one from Coop instead of clementi bookstore cause the stock only comes in 6-8 weeks, of which my sem is probably going to end in a month’s time. So I just get it at 1 dollars extra from Coop and without the nice plastic cover too. Haha.

Well, shall continue working hard!

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