The second week of school

Well this blog is becoming more of a journal of my life, and is really becoming more and more uninteresting, not that it ever was interesting in the first place. The second week of school ended rather fast and next week is the start of most tutorials.

Something I hate about my timetable is that my EE2005 has two lectures, one on Monday and the other on Friday. By the time Friday arrives, I would have forgotten what was taught. The other lectures are better because they are either not so far spaced out, or on consecutive days, so it’s easier to digest, in my opinion of cause. The downside to consecutive days is that if you can’t get it you have very little time at night to mug and get it before the next lecture.

But generally school is still alright, and the 6 modules is actually barely manageable. I think I just need some time to digest and do my revisions and I suppose that is what I’m going to do for my weekends. Japanese lessons are also going to end in 3 sessions time (about 2 weeks), and that will leave me with more time for studies.

Yesterday was a pretty fun day. I went for 8.30 – 10 lecture for my EE2005 and I’m completely lost because I can’t remember what was the point in the Monday lecture. Hence I have to do some revision either today or tomorrow so I will be on track on Monday. Haha. After that I went to the Multi Purpose Sports Hall 5 (MPSH 5) to play badminton with the freshies and councillors of my orientation group, and now I’m aching in numerous parts of my body due to the long 3 hour game. I really enjoyed myself and I am sure the freshies did too.

After that had a super full Subway meal at 2pm and it screwed up my meal timings. Went to the library to do tutorials and revise one particular module, and then went for “dinner”. Ordered the “Shui Jiao Tang” (Dumpling Soup) at Science and my opinion is that it should be renamed “Vegetable Soup”. The amount of vegetables they put in is more than the dumplings!

Sat in the front side for MA2216 for the first time and I realized what a wonderful experience it is to be able to hear the lecturer’s voice. From this week onwards I have to reach the LT earlier to get a seat that’s more to the front. However I was surprised that I had recursion in my probabilities course. Need to figure out that recursion thing. Perhaps I’ll borrow the textbook from the library.

After lecture we just took the bus 197 to Bugis Junction and ate the weekly dessert at the dessert shop my clique frequents. In the past I didn’t join them and I’m now making an effort to join them for all such outings, especially when we don’t get to see each other in school often due to the conflicting timetables.

Got home late and slept, this morning woke up again to go to school for a 9-12 lecture for EE2004. I got lost after the first hour or so and thank goodness it ended a little past 11. Hence there is not much I am confused about and I can just read it later and try to decipher before I do my tutorials.

And oh my marketing lecturer is great. She makes things fun and lively and I listen to the whole 2 hours. Now my problem is remembering exactly what everything is about. Lol.

That sums up my second week of school!

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