Just realized JJ Lin’s old song is copy style one

Today I was listening to my mp3 and an old song was played. Before I say what that song is, let me bring your attention to another song, Love Me, which is one of my favourite songs.

Basically there’s a story for the song. At the start, the singer reads a note his grandma wrote to his grandpa. It spoke of how the grandma’s dad didn’t approve of the grandpa and how they planned to elope. The chorus part is the content of the note and it’s like this:

“If you get there before I do, don’t give up on me. I’ll meet you when my chores are through. I don’t know how long I’ll be. But I’m not gonna let you down. Darling wait and see. Between now and then, till I see you again, I’ll be loving you, love, me.”

Then the story continues on the day of the grandma’s funeral and how the grandpa cried when he knelt at the doorway of the church as they prayed. The ending of the song is the grandpa saying the chorus to the grandma (first is grandma to grandpa, now it’s the other way).

Ok now the JJ Lin song that played is “Hui You Na Me Yi Tian”. In the song, the grandpa leaves for war at the year 1943, World War II. Before grandpa leaves, he sings a song (the chorus) to grandma. It goes like this if I remember correctly:


Basically the translation is: I’m going. Don’t cry. Don’t be sad. Belive in me. Please wait for my love which will not leave you forever. Because there’ll be a day where we hold hands in the grass field, listening to the birds sound, and telling me “I love you”.

The song then continues, and the grandma is dying on her death bed, and then she sings the song to grandpa who is still alive, and she sings the chorus.

The two songs are so alike. In terms of the chorus being sung by the male to female and female to male in the songs. As well as the meaning is somewhat similar. And both grandma dies.

Seriously I think the inspiration came from Love Me. I used to like the chinese song a lot, but I thought Love Me was nicer and I still think it’s nicer. I just find it funny how I only noticed it like now. Well nothing wrong with inspiration!

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