Overspent in the month of August

This month I overspent my budget. Or rather, the correct term to use is allowance. To put it in plain mathematics terms, if x is the amount of allowance I get, I spent x+30. I overshot by about $30 dollars this month and it’s largely due to the start of school this month.

The first major event of the month is the O week which started at 1st August for the councillors and 2nd August for the freshies. I paid $15 for the O Week, excluding food meals which we paid an extra of $2 per meal for catering. Not to mention one of the meals was short of 1 due to freshies coming and going without prior notification. I spent the $2, and had to add in $5 to get two items from Delifrance. Total damage, a $7 meal. Not to mention the suppers we had.

During the O week we had external hunt too and had to travel. However this was probably offset by the fact that I stayed in school over some days and didn’t spend on travel during those days.

I also had to buy my ink cartridge at $29.50 for blank ink so I can continue to print my notes at home, and this is a one off expense that probably occurs once every semester, and I probably buy only 3 cartridges a year.

I went to Popular this month to get some supplies. I got a A5 size file with A5 writing paper and it’s now going to be my notes library. I will revise and compile all the notes into the file and hopefully it helps in revision.

Another noteworthy thing to mention is that I’m spending more on food. I’m having 7 meals in school at least now, because on tuesdays and fridays, I have MA2216 which is from 6pm-8pm. Not to mention Sunday lunch and dinner when I study with my friend outside as well as have Japanese Language lessons. The amount of Old Chang Kee I eat should warrant a need for a membership discount card. Haha. I’m also eating more snacks. It seems to be a standard event to buy coffee on Thursday and Friday mornings. I’m also having to snack on Thursday morning because my day starts from 8 and the first break is at 2 due to my tutorial lecture timeslots.

Not to mention that food prices are increasing. Technoedge’s prices are increasing and the food quality isn’t going up too. Indon’s Chicken Chop at $3 is the best deal and the price hasn’t changed since I was a freshie. Mc Donalds already upped their prices in my second semester in NUS, and the other stalls increase prices by 20 to 30 cents for each dish.

Well I should expect not to overspend in September since there are plenty of miscellaneous fees that I won’t be spending on, like $15 for O week, $30 for ink and $23 for supplies. That’s already $68. Well then, perhaps Monday mornings I can buy coffee too. 🙂

6 thoughts on “Overspent in the month of August

  1. treasure the cheaper food u have in sch…the food i have over at my work place is really expensive…n i miss the indo chicken chop at your sch canteen…

  2. wahahaha where got suddenly get hitched this month and I don’t know one..lol..no need for contingency plan cause it won’t happen..haha..ah well but if anyone wants to treat me tn no problem.

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