Updates on my life

I think by now everyone already know that the semester is eating me up. There are lesser posts and most posts are about updates on my life, rather boring I know but just bear with me.

I just finished my Japanese lessons on Sunday 7th September, a day JH calls my 22.25 birthday because 0.25 years ago I had my 22nd birthday. I actually took quite some time to figure it out when he told me. Anyway on the 7th I had the final exam for the course (which lasted 8 weeks, 8 lessons in total), and I managed to pass it. Hence I have put down a very huge stone, and now I can fully concentrate on my 6 modules in NUS.

However studying for the Japanese exam meant that I sacrificed my entire Sunday to memorize the vocabulary and study the grammar and try to practice for the oral examination. Hence I didn’t really have time to catch up on my work or finish my tutorials.

The problem is that I had lab yesterday and I spent the entire day on the lab because the questions are so vague and I don’t really know what exactly I should be learning. The stupid thing is, we have to print the simulation out, but the lab only has 2 computers and no one can use it. Anyway there isn’t any printers. The software cannot be installed on school computers too because we’re not having an administrator account. Hence they force us to go home to do the simulation and print them out. The problem is the TA went through a quick lesson and we all forgot what we should do once we got home. The lab manual also didn’t help.

Having spent a whole day for the lab report meant that I had one less day to recap and do my tutorials. This week is especially sick because apart from EE2005’s tutorial 3, I had to do 3/4 of tutorial 4 (which is for next week), for my assignment due tomorrow after lecture. That’s like 2 tutorials worth!

I also couldn’t find time to edit my marketing assignment, which I just did and I don’t know how I will do. I also couldn’t find time to catch up on my EE2004, so I’m now officially lost. I’m also quite lost for EE2011, but I suppose I can catch up during the recess week. It’s a minor coordinate system conversion problem that I’m stuck with, but I’m confident it can all be solved during the recess week.

I’m pushing everything to the recess week, and I’ll be having more intensive studying sessions to catch up and revise for mid term tests. When the next part of the term begins, I have to be consistent and not lag behind, so I got to plan my time better and make use of my weekends better. I guess it’ll be easier now I don’t have Japanese lessons + homework + memorizing of vocabulary? So my aim is to be able to do revision at night after the morning + afternoon lectures, and all my tutorials should be finished by Sunday night so I won’t need to touch tutorials during the weekday. It’s difficult but I have to do it.

I’m also getting sick of marketing. In a way the notes are so vague that I’m not really sure what I’m supposed to study. I don’t know why EE forces us to take two business related modules. Marketing is a different module from engine lo. Engine is just technical. Mathematics. We have right answers and right methods and it’s interesting. Marketing is like no right answers, so much text to memorize and its difficult to memorize. At least I can derive engineering stuff out if I have the formulas. But marketing is like totally no linkage to me. It’s my killer mod!

Well I guess that’s university life for you. I have just begun to feel that I’m really in university, and I’m getting so busy with 6 modules. Should clear the projects and term paper as soon as possible before the shit comes in.

I need more practices!

*Yells like a mad man*

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