NUS Dance Blast Concert + QQ’s birthday surprise

Well yesterday (since its already past 0000), I went to Tiong Bahru to meet up with QQ and Nelson for dinner. We’re supposed to give QQ her birthday surprise (her birthday’s today), and we have been kept busy the whole day with changes in plans because our oweek councillor Terence asked QQ to eat at Tiong Bahru when the original plan was Bukit Timah Market.

We spent quite long (from 5.30 to 6.20) walking about Tiong Bahru Plaza. I tried to find the new Fish Leong’s cd (hey I saw her in Bugis live on Friday. She’s quite cute.) but there’s no CD Rama there. The Music Junction Shop showed her CD behind the counter. I couldn’t even take it for myself to see what’s inside. Anyway its 26++ dollars so I felt it’s a little expensive. Shall find other places and see if that’s standard rate. And I actually went to ask the staff like this: “How much is the fish’s cd?”. Lol.

Well eventually all came and we ate. Nelson and I were worried because cy’s suppose to bring the cake and she’s late. Eventually she did appear with the cake and we presented QQ with a Yoshi soft toy with the sunflower curled round the Yoshi. The sunflower is more of a private joke thing, and I suggested it. It’s pretty original now that the Yoshi is decorated. Haha.

Then we took the mrt down and transferred to 96 to University Cultural Center at NUS. Michelle’s dancing in the concert so we all (except cy who has her friend’s birthday party elsewhere) went to support her. At first I was wondering if it was the right decision, since I have stuff to clear in terms of school work, but I’m glad I went. It’s a pretty enjoyable evening, and the dances are pretty interesting.

I like the one where the guy is searching for his darling, and the dance has this story which showed that the girl is always beside him, but she’s already dead because of a fire that broke out in the house, and the husband (the guy) didn’t know because he’s overseas. I find that rather sad and I think the whole song and story and dance fits pretty well. I enjoyed that a lot.

Another one I enjoyed is perhaps the solo which was dedicated by the dance to his mum. The song is chosen very well and it fits with the dedication. Hence I thought it was rather meaningful. The other dances were great, but I cannot grasp the meaning of each and every one of them. Michelle appeared in three dances and she did a pretty good job, especially since she’s the secretary and she’s always so busy till we don’t see her around in school.

After the concert we hung about outside waiting for Michelle and then we gave her her belated birthday present. Her birthday’s on 6th September. Yay. Finally all the pretence and planning has come to an end with all the 3 September babies’ birthday over! Phew!

Finally we had ice cream at Mc Donalds and then we all went home!

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