Movie Review: Wall-E


I know it’s a little behind other people’s reviews, but I just watched it the other day on my friend’s birthday. Didn’t intend to watch it since there’s no time during the semester, but since they suggested so I’m all right with it. (Jiahao’s review can be found here)

Basically Wall-E is about this little robot that’s cleaning up Earth. All of those assholes who have dirtied Earth have been sent to space to live in absolute luxury served by robots. It’s already 700 years after they left Earth and the people living in that spaceship are all fat people because they haven’t been moving much.

Eve came down on a mission one day, and Wall E starts to fall in love with her. Mind you, he hasn’t seen any other robots in years. All other Wall E robots are dead. Not to mention he has been watching those darned TV shows where you have all the hold hand and love thing that’s enough to make robots feel that they are lonely.

He tries to impress her by giving her things he collected, like lightbulbs, or a rubic cube that she solves within nano seconds. Eventually Eve got excited when she saw the plant he gave her and she took the plant and deactivated. Wall E was sad and stayed with her hoping she’ll wake up. Eventually a spaceship came and took Eve away, and Wall E went along.

By the way, to drift a little, when the spaceship got past the earth’s atmosphere, you see many satellites there in space. That is actually true. There are that many satellites there in space, some junk and some working. Almost every mother son launches a satellite in space.

Back to the story, the story is about how they eventually got the plant to the ship, how robots tried to sabotage the plant, and how they all returned to Earth in the end to take the first step in reclaiming the environment. And how Eve fell in love with Wall E after knowing all he did for her. Aww.. lol.

Anyway I kind of like the story. The moral of the story is that we have to take care of our environment ourselves and we are responsible for it. So please recycle and use both sides of the paper!

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