Updates on school

It’s time for more boring updates on my school life. The recess week has officially started yesterday, and for the whole week we’re free to do whatever we want, except that there are certain things waiting for us after the recess week is over. They are called the mid term tests, and I have to prepare myself for those tests.

I have a GEK1520 test, a MA2216 test, and a EE2011 test as well as EE2004 online “quiz”. I’m not too worried about the EE2004 since I can do it anytime online, so I don’t need to memorize all the concepts + formulas.

Since I’m hopelessly lagging on my studies, I have decided to take this recess week to catch up on my lectures and tutorials so that I can start the 2nd part of the semester on a good note. However, I have not been successful at keeping to my schedules, since there is much to cover, especially with the mid term examinations looming around the corner. There’s also tutorials and assignments to prepare, and two term papers to write.

Hence this is not a recess week, but a catch-up-and-study-for-mid-term week. But I guess it’s pretty normal since I didn’t study so hard during the semester time itself. At least I had my free time too. But I guess when the second part of the semester comes, I’ll be more strict on myself.

The EE2005 lecturer says other universities (NTU included) have more stuff to cover for the EE2005 equivalent. I wonder if its true because if it is, then their syllabus is more sick and how can they be less stress than us? Hence, saying that NUS is more stress is a total bunch of bullshit. Why?

Because both universities take in the same batch of people. Unless you say that only hardworking and studious people go to NUS, then I believe there are such people in NTU too. And there are the many scholars that’s flooding NTU as well, so they are probably as stressed as us.

Anyway I’m more stressed than the first year, especially when I’m expecting more out of myself this semester. Well, got to study harder and see how it goes.

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