JDrama: Papa to Musume no Nanokakan

Papa To Musume No Nanokakan

Well this is the first time I see the title with Japanese words and I understand most of it! Well Papa is a duh, that’s English. Musume is the daughter. ‘to’ is the word for and. no is like an ‘s. Nanokakan, as I see from the story, refers to 7 days. So it’s father and daughter’s seven days. Jia Hao wrote a review once before.

Basically, this story is about this Papa and the daughter (played by Aragaki) who’s not on speaking terms at all. Standard. Father has his own strict views, daughter feels differently, and they cannot really click.

The father feels quite sad actually, and wishes to be able to be closer to his daughter. He keeps rewatching home videos of his daughter telling him that she “dai-suki-desu”, which just means she likes her father very much. He is those kind of fathers who feels that having a relationship during school time is not good for a student. On the other hand, the daughter likes this senpai of hers and the senpai likes her too. Senpai = Senior.

During a trip to visit the grandmother (the wife’s mother) (whom they thought is going to die but didn’t) they had this accident while on the way home. They swopped bodies (think Fann Wong and Gurmit Singh). And I guess I kinda expected it when the daughter (in the father’s body) bathes the father (in the daughter’s body).

But this drama, which spans 7 episodes, take them on a journey where the father attends schools and flunks his tests because he didn’t prepare enough for it, and the daughter attends the work on her father’s behalf, and use her principles during a meeting and creating a lot of hoo haa.

However, in the end, they got to know each other better, especially when the father had to go on a date with the senpai on her behalf, and they always talk at night to find out what had happened to each other. The magical thing is that everything went well in the end, and because of what the daughter did in the office, the father decided to improve and managed to finish a project the daughter started off. He eventually earned a promotion to be the Chief of the Reform department and things go well for them. Their relationship also improved as both can understand each other’s position.

This story is definitely not equivalent to the Gurmit Singh and Fann Wong movie, and I think this drama is much much better. It made me laugh many times and I feel happy watching this drama. Recommended! After all, only 7 episodes, very fast can finish one.

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