JDrama: Code Blue: Doctor Heli Kinkyu Kyumei

Code Blue

This is one of the latest dramas that was shown in Japan, having just ended it’s run on September 12, 2008. To me, it’s one of the best dramas I have watched recently. Recently meaning during the holidays, since this is the only drama I watched during the semester. It has a star studded cast, in my opinion, comprising of the follow actors / actresses:

Yamashita Tomohisa (Yamapi) – Wiki
Aragaki Yui (Gakki) – Wiki
Toda Erika – Wiki

Ok, perhaps it’s not really that star studded, but it’s quite good already. I’ve watched many of their shows. Maybe it’s not much, but if they star in a drama, I’ll probably watch it, sooner or later. I’ve watched Yamapi’s Kurosagi as Kurosaki, Proposal Daisakusen as Iwase Ken, Dragon Zakura as Yajima Yusuke, and Nobuta Wo Produce as Kusano Akira. I realized I didn’t blog about Kurosagi and Nobuta Wo Produce, but both are wonderful dramas in my opinion, especially since Maki’s acting in both.

I watched Aragaki in Dragon Zakura as Kosaka Yoshino (and she looks very different!), My Boss My Hero as Umemura Hikari, Papa to Musume no Nanokakan as Kawahara Koume and in a movie, Koizora (which I didn’t appreciate). Aragaki has grown up over the “years” and looks really different now compared to when she was younger. (Less baby fat?)

For Toda, I first watched her in Death Note (Movie) as Misa Misa, then Tsubasa no Oreta Tenshitachi 2 as Sakura. I also watched her in Liar Game as Kanzaki Nao.

Anyway, Code Blue is an exciting drama about four medical doctors who went to this emergency hospital as interns to train as flight doctors for “Doctor Heli”. Doctor Heli will receive emergency calls from fire engines or ambulances, and within 3 minutes the helicopter would be ready to take off with the 2 doctors and 1 flight nurse to go to the accident / emergency site to help the people in need. Most of the time, they have to do emergency actions, else the person will probably die.

At the start, Aragaki’s character Shiraishi was chosen to be the first intern to serve as one of the flight doctors, and she actually was quite nervous and blanked out upon seeing the victim. Their mentor, who’s the 2nd doctor, immediately took over. This shows how stressful it is, even for a doctor with numerous ER experience.

Yamapi’s character, Aizawa was chosen as the 2nd day flight intern doctor, and since he’s cool headed, he managed to go on site and immediately performed an amputation on the guy who’s hand is trapped in the machine. The rest of the interns would not be able to do it because they feel more for the patient, who’s a young adult. Aizawa is more focused and choose a treatment that’ll allow the person to live. If the amputation was not done, the person will die. When asked what he felt when he did the amputation, he said, “Heat. It’s hot inside”. As such, his character is actually quite “cold blooded”.

Toda’s first mission also ended up with her blanking out and Aizawa actually flew in via the 2nd round to replace her since there was 2 causalities so the senior doctor was busy.

The whole of Code Blue is a sequence of stories showing how the four doctor interns matured and changed, from being rivals to being good friends who’ll support each other. One particular character to note is the last flight doctor who was only allowed to become a flight doctor intern in the last episode after their mentor saw how he changed when reacting in an operation. This shows that if you put in the hardwork, eventually you’ll make it. And that people’s support to you is very important.

Aizawa also changed, after he amputated his mentor’s arm. He began to feel emotions and he wavers in his decision slightly, and becomes more “human”. One instance is when he decided to prioritise the mother in a difficult “birth”, but ended up suggesting an alternative way to save both mother and child. But the part where I could feel very strongly with him is the part where he says “I will save you and let you see your family again”. Don’t you feel that’s the way a professional is? If you are there and you can play a difference to someone’s life in such a way, even though you’re not a doctor, will you do something?

Shiraishi also learnt not to run away and be more courageous and became a more responsible flight doctor.

There are mini stories inside, like when a senior doctor was sued when her operation failed and killed a mother and child pair. Aizawa’s grandmother also appeared and suffered from dementia, during which it allowed us to see Aizawa’s human side when he teared and hugged his grandmother. Or how the proud mentor lost his arm but actually took it in his stride, not blaming Shiraishi (whom he suffered the injury to save her), or Aizawa (who amputated his arm), because if he didn’t live, he won’t be able to see his son for the first time. (He’s divorced because he spends too much time for his patients).

I felt that the whole doctor heli program (which is being implemented in Japan) is a good program, especially when you can make a difference to a person’s life and death. In Singapore it won’t be applicable I guess since our hospitals are not that far away. But I guess this drama has made me wonder what’s my mission in life. For doctors who became doctors because they want to make a difference in people’s lives, to save as many people as possible, I think they are great. But what’s in for me? Suddenly, there’s more things in life to live for.

I particularly like a sentence inside which goes like this: “A doctor can only lengthen the life of a patient by a bit, but whether its 1 second, 1 hour, 1 day, it’s worth it”. Link it to the mentor talking about seeing his son, and I just felt that it’s really true. There’s so many things in life worth living for.

I give this drama a 5/5 because I like it a lot.

If you want to watch this drama, go to MySoju.

For more information, visit the Wiki.

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