Haven’t been blogging actively

I haven’t been blogging actively for a very long time already. In a sense I have lost the zeal and momentum to blog, mainly because school is a busy time, and the second reason is that I have gotten really lazy. It seems that Ping.sg, a place I was a little more active in in the past has now become somewhat of an “abandoned place”.

From Ping.sg, I learnt that no matter how good you build your website, it depends on the community, especially for a community blog aggregator like Ping.sg. In a sense, the community can only be enthusiastic about things only when a few people start being enthusiastic. For example, if nobody gives a damn about the community, nobody would start suggesting outings. In Ping.sg’s sense, the community sort of broke up after a few members got banned by the management. Following the unfiar dismissal in many people’s eyes, some of the more influential members have also stopped going to Ping.sg, and stopped ponging their posts there. Now Ping.sg is quite a sad place. The self elected moderators who moderate and stop the porn posts from continuing in the database have now left, and you see that the few people who make it into top 10 normally posts post related to girls or sex.

But I guess this is an interesting experience which many people can learn if they want to set up online communities.

Anyway a couple of updates on my life. It’s week 8 of Semester 3 now and there are only 5 more weeks to go before the end of the semester and the exams start! It’s a mad rush to complete term papers as well as projects before the actual deadline, so that we have time to focus on the rest of the modules. As such, I am trying to finish my individual assignment 4 for marketing even though the deadlines on 17th. I am also trying to finish up my GEK1520 Term Paper as soon as possible, when the deadline is on November 3rd. There is also marketing group project to do on Burger King in Japan.

I must say that the momentum has started and I am trying to put in more effort than I did for the previous two semesters combined. Yet I am unsure of my capabilities and I doubt I can maintain the standard that I am in. I actually wanted this semester to pull my CAP up, but I doubt it can actually happen. 6 modules are no doubt tougher, but I just have to be managing my time better. In fact, I feel that my life is all about studying now, since I spend my weekends studying too. Hopefully the hardwork pays off better?

I’m pretty inspired by the JDrama that I recently watched. I must say that I should aim to become a professional engineer, and perhaps there are some things that I should stop thinking about that’s distracting me. I mean, there are so many more things in life that’s waiting for me to do. And if all else fails, I should have money to buy a flat by 35 and stock it up with everything I want to have in a house.

Well then, got to sleep and go for a run tomorrow!

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