Updates for the week

One week has past again, and it just means I’m one week closer towards my examinations which are going to take place in about the last 2 weeks of November. There are a couple of deadlines to meet, and many more things to do. Just a few hours ago someone told me he was doing the textbook questions.

I just managed to complete my marketing individual assignment that’s due this Friday. I’ve had much trouble answering the final question and then trying to squeeze all the words into 4 pages. Frankly speaking I find that by limiting my answer to 4 pages, I won’t be able to give a good answer since there are many things I cannot elaborate upon. I had to cancel a few of my cited articles to make space.

I also have my marketing group assignment due 2 weeks later on the 31st of October and no one has started working on it yet. All of us have other commitments, and all of us are not from business, meaning no one has marketing as a core module. Since core module obviously demands greater attention from us, marketing is somewhat neglected. But at least some of the group members care and we have repeatedly discussed the schedule to meet up. Or the strategy of dividing the workload etc.

The GEK term paper is also going to be due in November 3. At least it’s one of the lesser things I am worried about, since I’ve like completed a huge bulk of it. There’s a 1000 words to write left, some discussion, conclusion and original idea, which is actually the main part I think. But at least it’s moving and I should be able to clear it soon.

There’s Electromagnetics lab tomorrow and we haven’t been taught about transmission lines. I’m just going to figure out what I am supposed to know tonight once I get my hands on my textbook. There’s going to be a run tomorrow, and I’ve got catch up on my MA2216, which is a sick module. The tutorials don’t seem to help. The tutor is also a lousy tutor. He can’t seem to communicate properly and speaks really softly and mumbles. He should get sacked since he’s getting paid to do a job he can’t do. And the tutorials doesn’t seem to link with the lectures.

Well, at least I should still be able to catch up this week. Perhaps I should up the studying intensity.

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