I’m tired

I’m tired of everything in school. I just finished the stupid MKT report and there’s the slides to be compiled. There was also a meeting for the marketing report yesterday, and we spent like two afternoons doing the report and some slides. In the end we divided the work and everyone will complete their share of slides and submit to me by tomorrow night. In a way I asked to be the compiler of powerpoint slides because I felt that my presentation segment was really small so I should do a bit more.

And there’s the issue of the term paper, which I have written plenty of it and it has now exceeded the 2500 word limit by about 300 words. I also have to shift the paragraphs here and there so that the entire structure will be ok.

There’s presentation for marketing this friday and there’s lab for EE2005 on wednesday. There’s EE2005 assignment due friday too and I haven’t done my tutorials. Tomorrow night I’m going to be absolutely busy trying to clear the remaining powerpoint slides. Thankfully I’ve settled 3 people’s slides, including myself. There’s 3 different set of slides to compile by tomorrow.

I think I need a break.

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