On Xiaxue’s recent blog entry

I’m not going to link the entry because everyone should know how to get there, and those who don’t can just use Google to search for it.

It’s funny how when people’s views differ, we start giving names to each other. Remember the Repeal 377A movement that was quite involved during the 377A debate? Names came out. Bigots and what not. Homosexual sympathisers. People with lose morals. This time, (and most of the time), it’s ignorant. “Oh you’re just an ignorant fool”. “Your ignorance disgust me”, and what have you not.

When people just cannot agree on a single thing, and can’t risk losing, they resort to name calling, as if name calling is such a right thing to do. Bear in mind I’m not referring to her post yet, so don’t come and talk to me about her name calling.

The reason why I’m going to talk about her post is because she had exactly (maybe not exact, but some of the main points are) the same thinking as I did. I know I’ll probably get flamed again. The last time I wrote an entry saying how I felt the same way in one of her posts, I get flamed and attacked for no reason. People come telling me about things I should have considered, when I’m talking about a different thing in the first place. It’s like talking history in a mathematics class. Or to be more specific, teaching calculus in primary school algebra. It looks the same but it’s NOT.

Anyway, its about the glorifying of Obama. For me, I do not understand the hype of it all. I guess for Americans, they should feel the hype because they are the ones involved in the decision making, and they voted for their choice of President. If their candidate won, then they can celebrate. I don’t think celebration is wrong, but I don’t see how glorifying Obama till the point that he is portrayed as a God will help. I mean, he is a human, and he has been elected. Let the man do his job. After he has done his job, and has done a good job, then let us praise him and say “This is a good president”. As opposed to saying “This is a good president” before he does any job. Bearing in mind they probably said the same thing of President Bush 8 years ago and look where the people are standing now.

I’m sure Obama is not a God. I do not think he can solve America’s problems in 4 years, and he himself knows it. He has acknowledged that he can start the recovery process, but he may not be able to have results in 4 years.

The next thing is, I do not see the hype with emphasising on him being a Black president. Or the first Black president. In my opinion, it just serves to show me that America was very racist and might still be, just that we felt that they have improved a slight bit and deserves a round of applause. This is because, any comparison in any case would mean we are not race blind, and still consider race to be a consideration! If we are truly race blind, then we would vote for him, have him win, and say we voted for a great president, instead of we’ve voted for the first Black president. Because, the fact that he is black shouldn’t matter at all.

Now you may be calling me ignorant right now, so be it. However I must say I too am impressed with Obama. He’s a good speaker, has charisma, and is now hard at work. He’ll probably bring a good drive and zest to the White House and may potentially be a good president. We shall see, shouldn’t we?

And also, I don’t see why some people should come and say that people are racist if they vote for the opposition, that is, Mc Cain. Personally I feel that it’s how the candidates represent your views, instead of their race. So if it is me, and I’m voting for the white guy, its not that I’m racist, but that I feel he represents me.

Anyway, the main point is, I’ll only pass judgement after seeing his achievements. I’ve seen too much smoke in NS to believe that smoke is beneficial. His policy on Asia hasn’t been defined yet, and we’ll all have to see what steps he’ll take. After all, he may be a great American president, but to a person in Asia, he may be the worlds worst guy. There’s just two sides of a coin, and it depends on how he treats us.

So stop glorifying him and let him do his job.

5 thoughts on “On Xiaxue’s recent blog entry

  1. it is true wat u said…people have seemed to lost the message passed by him..and have glorified him too much, and he hasn’t even done a single thing to prove himself as a president yet!

  2. Hello, thanks for commenting.

    For obieamai, I find it deeply ironic that you are telling me something that I want to do, which has nothing to do with you. Besides, I am not interfering with what Americans are doing. In fact, I’m happy they had an exciting election and they have elected their leader. I guess you have not understood the purpose of my post.

    For diesel, thanks for agreeing with me. I think with time he will prove himself and then we can grade him for who he is.

    Another point to note, I’m talking about Singaporeans glorifying Obama when we do not know his stance towards Asia yet. Do a search and you’ll find many people who’ve done that. One that I remember is claiming Obama will free US from debt, which is an impossible task, even in 8 years. Bill Clinton didn’t manage to clear the debt, Bush already made it worst. Unless Obama is a God, he’ll never be able to do it.

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