Global Entrepreneurship Week 2008

NUS Enteprise and the Action Community for Entrepreneurship (ACE) have now teamed together to host the Global Entrepreneurship Week this year from 17th to 23rd November, right here in Singapore. Basically there would be many activities lined up throughout the week, as can be seen from their website and they are divided into youth, business and technology.

I’ve been looking at the website for the past half and hour, and I’ve shortlisted a few events which seems interesting enough.

The first one is the event titled, “MoneyTree Entrepreneurship Workshop – Are You Too Young to Start Your Own Business?” It’s on Tuesday, 18th November from 1700 – 2100. When you click on the title, it gives you more information. This interesting workshop is about starting your own business, or for those who are currently thinking about it, yet lack the experience. In my opinion, it is always interesting to listen to other more experienced people speak about building a business. Hence for beginners, you may want to attend this. There’s only 30 seats, so register quickly.

If you are not able to attend the above, then there is another one on the same day that is interesting enough. It’s titled “Can Entrepreneurship be taught? – The Future Directions of Entrepreneurship”. It’s from 1900 – 2100, which will clash with the above, so do see which one you are more interested to go to. A note of caution though, both places are in different places. Light dinner will be provided! Wow.

The last one that I will highlight is “The Entrepreneur networking evening” on Wednesday 19th November from 1900 – 2100 hours. There you’ll be able to meet top SME entrepreneurs, CEOs from SMEs or MNCs, and many other people in the business community. You’ll also get a copy of the Spirit of Enterprise book, Edition 2008. However there is an entrance fee of 50 dollars, but there is finger food and drink provided, plus lucky draw too. However you need to book it before 18th November 2008.

There are so many different interesting events, it’s really a pity that it’s falling in the middle of my examination period. For those that have the time to spare, why not take the chance to go for any event listed on their website? For more information, do visit!

Hmm.. I wonder if there’ll be webcasts.. Haha

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