The “Ragging” in ACJC and SAJC?

For the past few days, the blogging world has been field with articles regarding the birthday celebrations that students in ACJC and SAJC have done. Two sides have surfaced, some defending the actions, some denouncing it as plain wrong and downright humiliating. The problem is, there are valid points for both sides of the argument, and neither parties are wrong. The point is, we have to find a common consensus of which kind of celebration is allowed and what kind is not.

When we read of the celebration methods, some of us who are old enough will remember our own JC and University days, in particular the orientation week. We recall “funny” things done to peers and seniors, all in the name of fun, and it was fun. Some of us may have subconsiously felt that the celebration method is ok, since we’ve been through it. But I beg to differ.

I remember carrying a senior, putting coke and squashed banana into his pants and doing the thing that SAJC did, going to a coconut tree and you know what. I sincerely do not believe that the usage of the word “slammed” in some blogs is the right word to use. Slam signifies a hard force, and I think if I slam someone onto a metal pole, that person would be in hospital now with no more father’s day. Rubbing, would be more appropriate, with no damage to certain sensitive parts.

Is the above alright? Personally, I think in the name of fun, that is acceptable. After all, no harm was being done. But you argue, in both cases, no harm is being done too, then why might it be bordering on wrong?

Take a moment to think about this really carefully. Certain actions may sound alright, but carried out in a different manner, may end up to sound really wrong. I say sound because I cannot pass judgement on whether it’s all in the name of fun for the 2 cases. There are indeed certain things to consider.

1. Intention
If that person is your friend, and you’re doing this because you’re probably doing the same thing to everyone, then it’s normal and perhaps it’ll be acceptable. However, I remember the days when people ostracise others, and take actions to bully them. Bully behaviour then, is not acceptable.

2. Method of carrying it out
I find that the method is a little disturbing. Tying a person up onto the poles with no way to defend herself, and no way to untie herself, borders on cruelty to me. Even though the person may end up having “fun”, and it’s all in the name of “fun”, it is still pretty much unacceptable. It’s like taking advantage of a person when he or she is at his or her weakest moments. I’m sure you’ll agree that tying someone like that makes that person extremely vulnerable. Not to mention actually uploading it on youtube.

There are perhaps many other things to consider, but I shall not dwell on it.

One disturbing thing that I noted is that the teacher scolded the students for dirtying the school, instead of adopting this method of celebrations. I note that it is not orientation time where you normally do such activities, sans the tying people up, but actually in the middle of the school term. Personally, the most extreme thing normal people do for celebrations is to push the guy’s head into the cake. Hence I’m wondering what kind of message is sent here.

Another thing I’m fretting over is that elitist comments are being shown all over again. But, whether this is acceptable or not does not depend on the type of school one belongs to. Being in a “good” school does not mean you are better, and have a “different” method of celebrating birthdays. Allow me to digress for a moment, for those elitist students, I’m sure those schools mentioned above arn’t that elite after all isn’t it? Not top 3, so don’t give me the bullshit about being elite. I don’t think a student in a top school should even have that notion.

Back to the topic. But after all this talk, I feel that some events are really mild, they are just merely hyped up by “blogs”, especially in the selection of certain words that make it sound really serious.

In the end, I believe it’s a matter of the person in question. It will become unacceptable as long as the person feels any iota of discomfort. But I don’t think any normal human being will feel totally comfortable with a group of people doing something beneath your skirt, tying you up and pouring milk and rubbing cake all over you.

The people doing it may have fun, but the victim? Birthday celebration? I think it’s more fun for the group than the victim.

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