Two face Singaporeans

I’m beginning to feel that we’re very two-faced. Sometimes I feel that we’re quite wrong to harbour the thoughts that we’re habouring. We’re racist, and we know it. Why?

I’m just wondering, amidst the discussion on whether Singapore is ready for a non-chinese prime minister, (encouraged by Obama, no doubt), we’re actually rearing our racist head. What this means is that we’re telling the world we’re not racist, we can accept a PM of a different race, yet we show our racist side once we have foreign workers living in dorms near us.

Before you start saying that “Hey its a foreign worker problem, not a race issue”, let me just simply point out that whenever we are uncomfortable with foreign workers, they seem to be generated towards a certain race of foreign workers. Other foreign workers of other races may be subjected to the bias that we have against foreigners, but these foreign workers suffer much more. Things like “I feel unsafe when they look at me”, or “They’ll always cause trouble”. Or the totally racist one “It’ll increase the crime rates (especially rape) around the region”.

And we say we’re ready for a non-chinese PM.

Why not put that discussion down for a moment. It is very obvious that we’re still racist, as long as we keep having those stereotypical mindset in our brains. Hence, I feel that, before we ask ourselves if we’re ready to be race-blind for the government’s top position, think about whether we’re ready to be race-blind to people around us.

P.S. On a side note, I am not saying that the worries of the people who’ll live near the foreign worker’s dorms are baseless. In fact, some of the concerns are quite valid. Some are just plain racist.

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