Updates on Examinations

Just a little quick update on the examination status for me. I’ve just finished my MA2216 Probability exam and I think it is very sick. I can pass, but I’ve left blanks that will only give me an A if other people screw up more, which isn’t something good to pray for actually.

Anyway there’s four more examinations till the 1st of December. The next 3 are my EE core modules, so I got to put in a lot more effort for them. Today I woke up with diarrhoea at 5.30 thinking I have gastric. I chewed (half asleep cannot swallow) one antacid tablet and went back to my bed but I couldn’t sleep. The stomach area seems weird so I swallowed (this time I’m awake) another one. Since I’m awake I went to the toilet (because my ass is asking me to go) and ta da it’s diarrhoea.

Woke up at 7.30 again to go to the toilet. At that time I still didn’t realize its diarrhoea cause it’s only once. When I brushed my teeth I had to go again. This time I knew for sure. I ate breakfast, went down to 7-11 to buy 100 Plus to drink to replenish the salts (dehydration ma). It’s freaking 2 bucks, but I’m not complaining. It’s the price I pay for convenience. I could have walked on to find other shops, but I was feeling weak and I needed the replenishment.

Went home and had another run at 9.30. It’s a freaking 2 hours schedule. I went to school, ate a pill my friend passed me (I made sure I could eat it first. Her mum’s also G6PD.) and then down a can of 100 plus again. At 11.30, you know it, it happened, but very minimal. The first 100 plus worked.

And I went to the examination hall and I’m now out. Since 11.30 I haven’t had a need to unload torrential waterfall on the bowl. So I think I’m alright.

Anyway, it’s not due to food poisoning or what, but rather, extreme nervousness (came from the stress). I was actually burnt out yesterday afternoon, so much so I went home to bathe and played computer games with my sister. Only during the night I resumed my studying. Anyway, if you ask me if I would be able to answer those questions I didn’t know if I had studied, the answer is no. But perhaps if I was feeling abit better, I would have realized a 4 mark question is actually simple.

Ah well. No excuses. Not going to get an MC and ask for special consideration.

5 thoughts on “Updates on Examinations

  1. hmm i didn’t know about the MC thing. Anyway I never intended to get one either. Integrity! Haha.

    i also hope to get well soon..shall sleep early and see how tomorrow.

  2. hey, read your blog about the exams … hope u get well soon. Oh, i was thinking of taking MA2216 in the next semester , but then when i checked the module info, it shows that it doesnt have any exam … really ?? there is no final ?thanks !

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