Two / Multiple Party Systems

It’s good to take some time off each day to read and write your opinions and thoughts down, and it’s also a nice way of taking your mind off whatever you’re being stressed with, which is currently the exams.

There’s a debate going on recently in the ST Forums, where some people are pushing for a two party system like in the United States, and some are against the two party system. There are some arguments that I find extremely funny, to the point of me asking “are they trying to carry balls”?

Simply put, those are the people who argue against a two party system with some funny remarks.

One of the remarks is: It’s better to have one strong party than two weak ones, because in Singapore, it is hard to find talented people. I beg to differ. It’s not that it’s hard to find talented people, because if that is so, PAP will have problems finding people to do the jobs (maybe that is why they need a higher salary. LOL). But rather, the main problem is, it is extremely difficult to find people to join the opposition. Singaporeans are a pragmatic lot, and if they want to enter politics, they enter the winning team because their chances are higher there. It’s like why special people’s children get into the top schools even if they don’t make the grade. Because their children will have better chances, so they do all it takes to get them into better schools.

The other is that the leading party will always train people to take over and that their checks will ensure that the disadvantages of having no checks to the government will be minimized. I say, that is naive thinking. Seriously, can anyone actually promise that the government will remain incorruptible till the end of time? Or that people with a self checking system will definitely self check? I’m not saying that the current administration does not check itself. I’m saying that in the future, who knows? We can’t honestly believe that the self check will work all the time! What if one day we attract the wrong talent and things go haywire? It will then be too late to realize that self-check may backfire. Absolute power corrupts absolutely.

One of the last is that with two parties, politicians will have to spend time attacking each other blablabla. Personally, I feel that a politician should be shrewd and have a few skills to defend himself in politics. If he cannot defend himself properly, and cannot get challenged else he’ll lose, then there is no point in having this person when we can have better, isn’t it? Besides, we’re not stupid. I’m sure it’ll be obvious who’s doing work and who’s carrying balls and who’s blowing smoke. With 2 years of NS in my resume, and many other’s too, we’re all excellent smoke detectors.

Well I guess there is no need to talk about which side I’ll choose. I always believe that it’ll be healthy to have competition, no matter how small they are, but definitely larger than the current competition, and that it’ll be better if we’re less apathetic towards politics.

On a side note, ex NTUC CEO Mr Tan says he’s game to be elected president. He says people have to want him, so people have to do the collection of signatures to “petition” him to run. It’s funny how he’s giving people forms on his blog to help him collect signatures. Doesn’t seem to put his money where his mouth is. Besides, who seriously wants to run for the “elected” presidency? I think one can contribute more as an MP than a president. I’ve always wondered why we have a President for? So we can pay him money? Do we really need such a high pay to attract a president?

That’s more food for thought.

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