Free from Exams

I have been free from my examinations since Monday, and the reason why I haven’t been blogging after the examinations have ended is because I have been out trying to enjoy myself. The enjoyment ended yesterday night and one of my friends have gone back to Malaysia today, and another is going back to Indonesia tomorrow afternoon.

The rest of the people will probably not meet during this time, and everyone has their own things to do. The GS will also be going to China for holiday, so effectively there’s no chance for a uni clique outing till they all come back.

It’s about another month to go before I’ll see them again, and I’ve now got an entire month free to do what I want, and I guess I’ll continue to enjoy myself for a few more days before deciding on what to do. One thing for sure, I have to resume my Japanese Language revision since my 2nd course starts this Sunday.

On Monday after my marketing paper, we went to Megabites at Science to have a nice lunch, then we went to Bugis to walk around, eventually going down to Funan and then to Nelson’s house. I satisfied my craving for Prawn Mee though it wasn’t that fantastic, and then the slurpee machine gave me problems at 7-11. We ended off the night going to Crown Center next to Coronation Plaza for ice cream.

On Tuesday we went to Har Par Villa to look look see see, then to Vivocity for lunch. I had my first Carls Junior meal there and it is really big and expensive too. A meal costs $12+ there. I can have a Burger King meal at $6+. Granted the burger is bigger and probably slightly better in taste, but the cost is doubled! After that I was too full to actually want to eat anything else.

We headed down to Parkway Parade and took a shuttle bus to the Big Splash where there’s the liliput Mini Golf place. We paid $15 for the game and $2 for the socks because I wasn’t wearing any socks and you’re required to be in socks for the game. (No shoes!)

There are 18 holes, each having a theme unique to Singapore. The first being Changi Airport, and others include Esplanade, Zoo, Bird Park, Sentosa blablabla. The photos are on Facebook and I have quite a few, but they are mainly blur, I don’t know why.

It was quite enjoyable and we ended up having loads of fun. Then we ate at Parkway Parade, and we wanted to go for xiaolongbaos but there wasn’t any at the Crystal Jade because it’s the wrong kind of Crystal Jade, so we just went home after that.

I’m just happy the semester is over and I can enjoy myself.

I’ve got another thing to talk about though, something which I refrained from talking about, mainly locking up the posts whenever I feel down and I needed an outlet to destress. It’s about my break up last May, just after my examinations for Semester 2. It’s been a whole semester and 7 months later, and I finally got over it. I think the whole experience made me learn many things and I understand myself better and understand what I want in my life and what kind of person I would want to share my life with. I’ve since sorted out my feelings and I’m not deeply conflicted anymore. There have been a spate of problems after the break up and I’m just glad it’s finally over. I can’t be bothered if people were to judge me. I’ll just wait for the right person to come along. πŸ™‚

4 thoughts on “Free from Exams

  1. @Cris: Haha πŸ˜€ It feels good to be back and have plenty of time to myself.

    @jh: By this time you should have finished! πŸ˜€ I’m typing the sms as I write.

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