What I’ve been doing

It’s been a week since I last blogged, and since then I’ve started my Japanese lessons. I think I need to start preparing adequately for the lessons because they are extremely intensive since the bulk of the lesson is conducted in Japanese. There are more terms now to memorize and each term has many different forms, and they are quite confusing. Elementary 2 seems much more harder than elementary 1.

I’ve also started on an “internship” program. It’s actually some entreprenuerial program by the insurance sector, and they are having courses on finance and insurance and even signing us up for the test. At least there’s something to do during the holidays, and I guess it’s good to learn something during the holidays. Tomorrow I’ll sit for a test about the rules and regulations for the finance industry, and they have quite a bit of information that I guess gave me a greater understanding towards the finance industry. There’s some information on CPF too, so I just learnt good knowledge! Haha.

Next week will be another busy week, and there’s the 2nd test where I’ll learn about life insurance. There are 3 tests in all.

I’ve just bought concession because I’m going to keep taking the mrt for this course, and it’ll be good for me to have concession to save money.

My whole body is aching after the exercise yesterday in school. It’s quite a tiring day yesterday. My arms are tired. Got to train up more. Got a new pair of Brooks for my exercise needs. Ah well, busy lately. Take care everyone.

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