My holidays

More updates on my holidays as it reaches the mid point. In about 3 more weeks it’ll end and another semester will begin again. In about 2 days (or actually less than two days), the results will also be out. Once the result is out, I’ll then replan my whole schedule for the rest of my university days and see if I need to rethink about my module choices. It’ll be a scary day and I’ll just hope for the best.

The Advisors Alliance program has also reached the middle and I’ve passed two examinations already and this coming week will be relaxing for me as I’ll only need to attend two half day of programs and there won’t be an exam, so I can concentrate on my Japanese lessons.

As for Jap lessons, I’ve also attended 3 lessons already. There is much to catch up and memorize, especially all the new words. I should probably be more diligent.

I’ll also have to read some books which I borrowed from a friend. I haven’t had the time to read since I’ve been going out for programs and watching drama at night. I’ve watched a few drama sets already. At night I watched Duke of Mount Deer, the new version, as well as Moonlight Resonance, which I’ve just completed.

On my way to programs or meeting with friends or Jap lessons etc, I’ve watched Dexter Season 1 and 2, and I’m now watching Prison Break season 1 on my Zen Vision:M.

I’ve kinda neglected a few things, one like my blog. Perhaps I have to find the drive back to write again. The other one is the website I had, NextTutor, which is kind of rotting since I’m not doing anything with it, just leaving it there for people to use. I’ll think about what to do with it when I’ve got the time I suppose.

I’ll see how! 🙂

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