Happy New Year 2009

Another year has past and it’s now the year 2009. Some people are making new year resolutions, some are reviewing their resolutions for 2008 and deciding if they had accomplished it and whether to include it again in 2009. Personally I do not adhere to the new year resolution concept. If I want something done about my life, I should change immediately, and not wait for the new year. The new year resolution is perhaps just a concept, something people do because other people are also doing it.

But that said, it is not wrong to review what has gone in the past year. Perhaps it’ll be quite interesting to think about it?

The year 2008 saw my life change in a bigger way. Academic wise, 2008 has my worst university semester and also my best university semester in terms of my Semestral Average points. Perhaps I have started to tune myself to various studying methods and finding out which is the best for me. I have found one method which has given me my best semester results so far, and I’ll stick to it again for the coming semester. However, the best semester turned out to be my most stressful semester. Some modules that turned out well had me worry for it for months, even after the examinations are over. I started revision and practice a few days earlier compared to previous semesters, and I actually went to study with friends on a Sunday.

2008 saw me enjoying more time with my friends, even though my social circle did not expand much. I drove my friends twice in the NUS vicinity, one for meteor shower viewing and the other for a night treat of ice cream. I also started to join my friends for weekly dessert outings. We end up going for the Chinatown stall now. (Jurong Point has an additional branch that’s newly opened, but I doubt that they will give me that pleasure) Life became a nice schedule with a balance of studying and having fun.

2008 saw me taking up Japanese lessons at Bunka Language School. I have since progressed to the Elementary 2 stage, and I have 4 more lessons to go to complete that stage. It’s quite a nice language, although I don’t think I’ll find someone who’s interested in the language like I do, to the stage of being a kanojo. Hmm.

2008 also saw me planning for a trip to my friends’ place in Malaysia and Indonesia, scheduled for July 2009. It’s a near one month trip and it would be my first trip overseas with my friends, not inclusive of NS training type of overseas trip.

2008 also saw me becoming single again. Though I got a better idea of how I wish a relationship to be, I have no idea if I’ll make the same mistakes in a r/s again, and how subsequent ones will turn out to be.

2008 saw me attending the freshmen’s orientation week as a councillor, and I made newer friends though I don’t see most of them around in school due to my busy schedule. I haven’t been keeping in touch with them also. My friends and I will probably come for the 2009 one too, just for fun.

2008 has been an interesting year, and I hope 2009 will be as well.

Happy New Year everyone. 🙂

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