Day out with friends

I went out yesterday with my JC friends, particularly to celebrate the attainment of our targets in the past semester. 3 of us hit out targets, and hence we’re subsidising a meal for the other two people in our groups. Hence we went to a sushi buffet at a place called Sushi Kikuzawa (I hope I got the name right) at International Building.

For buffet lunch it costs $29.90++ per person, not inclusive of drinks. It comes with one set of sashimi, and then all the sushi you can eat. We didn’t order initially so the chef just made us different kinds of sushi, and I think I must have ate like 25 pieces of sushi via this way, exclusive of 2 handrolls. The amount of rice was sickening.

We also had 2 sets of chawan mushi, some takoyaki, miso shiru, and pudding. We ate the poisonous blowfish (fugu) sushi twice because we didn’t know what it was initially. Only after we ordered it then we realized. Well, I’m still here. It’s really tasteless.

My favourite sushi was those with the blow torch. Somehow the blow torch brings a nice chao ta taste and smell. After the whole thing, Zong wanted to have another chawan mushi and I wanted the mini udon, but we were told that the kitchen is closed, like 30 minutes before the stipulated buffet end time. Anyway we were already quite full, so we left. It was an enjoyable meal, but I don’t think we’ll be going again because there are other buffets to explore for the other semesters.

After the meal we walked down Orchard road to go to Cineleisure because we had tickets for Red Cliff 2. On the way we were stopped by two energetic direct sales guys. (Again???).

Yes, but this time they were selling Disney designed notebooks (paper kind. Not laptops hor), and they asked us to pay at a price we would like. All in the name of helping people who are not able to find jobs in the recession.

I understand the need to support people in recession. I proceeded to ask him how it is going to help these people. Apparantly the money is going to help the company hire more people to do direct sales. In short, it means if we buy it, we’ll actually be encouraging more people to be on the streets selling things I do not need, because I’m supposed to pity those who cannot find a job. Note that we’re not actually helping to create value jobs, but we’re creating jobs of no significant value to our economy. And it all works on pity.

Another interesting point to note, is that if direct sales is such a good job that we should help promote it, then it should mean that there are many people who would buy the products. As such, shouldn’t the company hire more people to sell? This is the first time I heard that company needs money to hire people. So they are hiring not because they need manpower, but because they can use this pity people have, make use of it, and earn some money.

Uber unethical, in my opinion.

Yet fools still buy them without thinking.

Anyway, we didn’t buy of course, and we just headed to the cinema to watch our movie. In my opinion, Red Cliff 1 seemed much more exciting than Red Cliff 2. But I guess it brings an end to the whole Red Cliff saga. Nothing much to comment about it. I still enjoyed myself.

Hence ends my day out with my JC friends.

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