Tanoshii no 1 day

Today was a very enjoyable day even though it was quite tiring. After school in the morning, I went to The Cathay to get tickets for Ponyo at 3pm. I was watching the movie with an old friend. She’s not old actually, cause she’s 21 this year, just that I haven’t seen her for like 6 years since 2002 when I graduated from my secondary school. Throughout the years we didn’t really keep in contact much, just the occasional MSN conversation.

Last week I put a sentence of the lyrics of the Ponyo song on my MSN personal message and she just asked if I watched it. Since no one wanted to watch with me, and her friends also did not want to watch with her, she asked me to watch it together. Initially I was a little nervous, because I don’t know how it’ll turn out, since we didn’t see each other for 6 years. “Will it be awkward?” was a question I kept asking myself.

But I guess I have to start getting used to meeting old friends, else all my friends will eventually leave me due to a neglect to stay in touch. But I am glad I met her in the end, and it wasn’t awkward at all, fortunately, because she’s as chatty as usual. Not much chance for silence, which I was dreading it to happen.

Ponyo is quite a nice movie. I can’t say it’s very good, because the guy made better animations like Spirited Away and Howl’s Moving Castle. Ponyo’s plot is very simple, a young love story between a fish (sakana) and a human, resulting in Ponyo becoming human forever. I think this is the last animation that the guy is going to draw, so it’s quite a good movie to catch. It’s funny most of the time too.

After that we just walked around PS entertaining each other, and finally going for a meal at Ajisan’s. Ajisan’s had this Hokkaido ramen on its menu, so I tried the seafood ramen. There’s scallops (though not as good as Azabo Sabo’s), crab meat and squid.

We then walked to Bugis just for the sake of walking and kept talking the whole time, saying very bhb stuff and I got suaned most of the time. I think got this lady beo me when I was having dinner leh. Lol.

I was really glad for today’s movie outing. 🙂

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