The first week of school

As with all semesters, I’ll talk about what I’m going to do for these few months. The first week of school is ending in one day’s time, and this week has seriously disrupted my plans for my university education.

Originally, I planned to take MA2222 in sem 5, and the other 2 Financial Mathematics minor modules in sem 8, which will allow me to graduate with a Minor in Financial Mathematics. The plan was that I clear MA2216 as an overloaded module last semester, which I did. This semester’s plan was to clear an Arts Gem (General Education Module) as an overloaded module, and next’s sem is to clear MA2222.

However, due to the new rule that I can only bid for my 6th module in round 3 onwards, I didn’t manage to get my arts Gem. Hence I have to move it to the other semesters, and I’ll most probably move it to sem 8, hereby replacing one of the final 2 Financial Mathematics minor module. Hence I will not graduate with a minor in Financial Mathematics. Anyway a minor only appears in the transcript and not in the degree scroll, so less one module is not going to hurt me much. I’m taking it for information anyway.

The other move I can take is to drop the whole minor. I have cleared enough electives such that I do not need those 3 modules to make up my graduation credit count. Of course, this is subjected to my plan of attending Industrial Attachment, which will give me 12MC of credit. If I do not go, I would have to take the 3 modules.

Hence, for the first time in NUS, I am taking a 20MC semester! Shocked? Don’t worry, I only overloaded once. The first sem was 19MC, 2nd was 21MC and the 3rd 24mc. Hence this is the firs time I took a proper semester with the correct workload.

However it feels a little slack because my timetable, for the first time, is packed in such a way that only 1 lecture is after lunch. The rest will finish before lunch, and my lessons are all back to back with no time to rest. Such is the cruelty of only having 1 slot for lectures.

The first week is going to end off normally, though I will have to do a tutorial since EE2006 had to start tutorials in the 2nd week. All my other modules start in the 3rd week. 2 of my modules are once every two weeks, so in a way there is not much rush in completing tutorials.

These are the modules I’m taking this semester:
EE2006 Digital Design
EE2009 Signals
EE2010 Systems and Controls
EE2012 Analytical Methods in Electrical and Computer Engineering
SSA2211 Evolution of the global city state

For EE2006, the lecturer seems good and I think I’ll be most interested in this module. I think with that my specialization in year 3 should be more or less decided.

EE2009’s lecturer is good too. I was able to listen and absorb for the two full hours.

EE2010’s lecturer is not too bad, but maybe the content now is a little dry so I’m day dreaming at times. The content till now is mainly the basics.

EE2012’s lecturer can really make me sleep. Sometimes I do not know what’s the point in telling us some technical examples, when he’s trying to teach probability. Hopefully things will become better.

I’m going for my SSA2211 lecture later at 6-8. Had a long break since 12 noon.

One week is going to end. 5 more weeks to recess week and the dreaded mid term tests!

Yosh. Going to work hard.

2 thoughts on “The first week of school

  1. Need to say until so clear ah. Lol. My SSA2211, depending on balloting, may be odd or even week also. But I’m hoping I get my first choice.

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