Sadness on reading “I hope Singapore government punish them”

I’ve just read an article titled “I hope Singapore government punish them” by The Online Citizen, and I must say that I felt really disappointed at my own country. For us to claim that we are first world when we are treating people from other countries like this is something that I cannot fathom. We cannot and should not claim ourselves to be first world when our own system is so inadequate that compromises on the lives of many migrant workers.

This situation is not something new. It has been going on for a very long time. It is time to enact legislation that heavily penalizes agencies for bringing migrant workers here when there is no jobs for them. It is time to make sure that each application for a job comes with a work contract where the employer promises work for a worker before he is allowed to come into Singapore. It is time to punish the unscrupulous, those who want money at the expense of others.

How many times do we need to read about migrant workers paying thousands of dollars to come over to Singapore, and they ended up with little or no work? How many people must return home in debt, their dreams dashed, simply because their luck was not in favour, that they have simply believed in the wrong man?

Ask ourselves if we would want this to happen to us, and we have the drive and determination to not do it to others.

But I ask. If we do not have so many jobs, then why are our government encouraging more foreign workers to come into Singapore? Yes, Singaporeans do not do certain jobs, hence we have to allow for such foreign workers. However, if the demand is more than the supply, then it is not a fair thing to take whatever demand there is, even though jobs can’t be matched to them.

Ask ourselves, as a society, have we done wrong? Yes we have. It’s a pity we still think we are world class. Bleah.

3 thoughts on “Sadness on reading “I hope Singapore government punish them”

  1. Foreign workers, blue or white collared ones are always competing with the locals… It’s not surprising for people to have mindsets similar to that netizen.

    We should just keep our fingers crossed as we step into the upcoming recession..

  2. Well I think something must be done. If the jobs can be filled by Singaporeans, then fill them with Singaporeans. Only jobs that have a low Singaporean take up rate should be given to foreign workers.

  3. Things will not change because this government will continue to whore itself out to businesses. A wealthy Singapore Inc = even higher ministerial salaries.

    Read the article from yawning Bread – it appears from his investigations the govt agencies are also covering up for businesses.

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