What do you want in life?

Over the whole course of my previous “Entrepreneur Internship Program” in the last month of December, I have repeatedly heard the same questions from the various speakers. They kept emphasising to ask ourselves, “What do you want in life”.

In fact, never have I felt so strongly in my belief that we need to visualize our success before we can achieve that success. Simply put, how can we work towards success if we do not know how our version of success looks like? As an example, how can you work towards achieving financial freedom by age 40 if you did not aim for that in the first place? Hence, the question “What do you want in life” is justified for everybody around the world, whether they want to achieve success or not.

That said, different people want different things for themselves. Some people just want a stable job, some wish for a happy and stable family. Some wish they will have enough money for retirement. For others, they wish they have plenty of money for retirement, so they can enjoy whatever they want to do. Some want to travel every year. Some want a huge house, others, a small HDB flat. What will make you contented?

During the whole business camp in JB, there was this session in which we were asked to draw on a small sheet of paper, what we visualize our life to be in the future. It’s not what we think our life WILL be, but it’s what we WANT our life TO be. Some of the people were not being serious; a friend drew 3 angles in the sky amongst the clouds. Another friend was aiming for something higher. A palace (I think it just means a big house), lots of money, private jets and such.

Personally, I drew 4 people at the start. It’s probably going to sound like some cheesy art a 3 year old drew, but yes, that is what it is. I drew me, my wife and two children. A happy family, that’s the foundation of it all. And then I drew a money symbol with broken chains, symbolizing my desire to achieve financial freedom. In a way, it means I can be employed by choice. Or in layman’s terms, I’m working because I want to, not because I need to. To put it even simpler, it means “I got so much money, that if I do not work, I won’t die”. Followed by a car, a house, an occasional tour.

Sad to say, all these means money. What I want in life needs to be substantiated by money. Although you hear your elders telling you that money is not important, that happiness is the main thing, but to tell the truth, we humans have plenty that we want, and all these need money. Which is why we’re all running in this rat race now. Which is why we’re in universities, because a university degree gives you more money in a salary.

But yet, though money is the fundamentally important part of our everyday lives, we are not taught about money. It is with this viewpoint which got me interested in finding out more, which is why I joined the whole insurance internship program. I will proceed to learn about all the financial products and tools, and know them well enough to use them to achieve my own goals in life.

Hence from today onwards, I will make my life more productive. I will read more and learn more, starting from the insurance sector. I met my mentor today at Great Eastern, and I’ve gotten information on two insurance products from him. Once I understand the thing fully, I’ll be in a better position to decide for myself what I want.

So from today, my journey begins.

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