Mindef is recruiting!

Well today’s papers seem to say that Mindef is recruiting. Apparently during recessions, the number of people who signed on increases. Maybe it is because people have a need for an iron rice bowl, and you probably won’t get fired unless you do something really bad.

Personally I’ll never sign on. I won’t understand why people want to sign on, especially with the events happening recently.

Anyone remembered that just last week ago, the parents of a NSF won a lawsuit against Mindef? The reason they sued Mindef is that Mindef stopped paying for the medical bills of the NSF who’s in a coma. The reason Mindef gave is that he was not on active duty, simply because he was seen in his bunk resting a few minutes before that accident happened.

I find it totally irresponsible in my opinion, simply because that guy was scheduled to be on duty, so what if he was in his bunk resting for a while? Personally, I think that, since we send our young guys over to train to be civilian soldiers, defending Singapore in time of need, surely it isn’t too much to expect that they take care of our guys when something happens? Bear in mind, this is forced conscription. It’s not like we volunteered for it. Since its forced, then anything that happens there is surely Mindef’s responsibility! Especially so if the NSF was not conscripted, such an event would probably not happen. So I do not understand why we have to differentiate between active service personnel and personnel who’s considering serving but not really serving since he was in his bunk.

Makes me wonder, if something happened to me last time, who’s going to take responsbility, especially since we go to our bunks quite often even on duty. I said it before, and I’m saying it again, such an event just doesn’t give us the confidence to fight for Singapore, knowing that if something happened, Singapore may not take care of us. The will to fight for Singapore is based on the belief that our loved ones are here and Singapore will take care of them and us. If we realize that the organization doesn’t really care as it claims to (care for soldiers? bullshit), then how can we participate in reservist actively?

The other problem I’m annoyed with Mindef is that it is super inefficient when processing reservist details. They have been doing reservist for years, so why is there still a problem with ns.sg? I’m scheduled for reservist (as claimed in a letter from my HQ), but yet I do not receive the sms like my friends did, nor did I have anything under MyCallup in Ns.sg. A couple of my friends are in this situation, and we’re wondering, so is there reservist or not.

The last annoyance I have is that I booked tickets to travel in the month of July since November, and now it seems that I must station myself in Singapore. I am intending to call up and enquire, and hopefully I’ll be allowed to travel. If I’m not allowed to, I’ll be very pissed. Are we going to be subjected to be able to only map our lives 6 months at a time? Are we doing this for our NSmen, who serve wholeheartedly, but yet are subjected to such an inconvenience? Serving NS should make me proud and valued, not inconvenienced. Not to mention that the service the call centers give is totally lousy.

Bleah. So Mindef, if you want to recruit, do something about all these first. You’re only lending fire to those anti-National Service people.

2 thoughts on “Mindef is recruiting!

  1. An update: I’m allowed to go for my holiday in July! I’m glad we are not bounded by the 6 month notification thingie. 🙂

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