Updates; Chinese New Year; Association of Bloggers

This will be a pretty anyhow mashed up post since I do not have much to write for each of the above topics. But before I begin, let me wish everyone a “Happy Chinese New Year”.

My life hasn’t changed a single bit for the past week. Life is just going to school, attending lectures and tutorial (singular because I only had 1 tutorial so far), and having lunch with friends from other departments in Engineering, and also from School of Computing. Everyday I end by lunch time (other than Thursdays) and I have time to do my own things, except that I am generally lazy and I don’t do the things I should do. Tutorials are starting from this week onwards, but since there is 2 days of holidays, the impact will probably be minimal. Next week will be when the tutorials are all up and running.

Chinese New Year is mainly a boring affair. It used to be interesting and fun, but it has been quite monotone the past few years. Primarily it is because the cousins I used to play with have all grown up, me inclusive, and hence we all have our own private lives to run. As such, we only probably see each other only once a year, during Chinese New Year, and there is nothing much to talk about. It’s a real pity, but I guess that is life. Friends around me seem to report a similar predicament. I wonder if it is because we were all busy studying.

Reunion dinner was nice. Its the annual steamboat event and there is lots to eat. I satisfied my shabu shabu craving then, and even had the annual portion of the abalone.

I only go to my aunty’s house every year, since my grandparents live there. So the entire extended family goes to visit every year. I don’t go anywhere else, because there is nowhere else to go. I think it’s better because it’s quite troublesome to go from places to places. But I guess I will never understand the feeling of commuting during CNY since I never did experience it. Probably better for me since I won’t like it much anyway.

Today is the 2nd day of the new year and I’m staying at home, trying to study and catch up with work. But it’s really boring. At least the week will be better. There’s school to keep me busy for a while, and on Friday there is the CNY celebration for Advisors Alliance in the boss’s house. I didn’t go the other time, and I guess it is good to see how large his house is. On Saturday there is a primary school clique CNY gathering at my teacher’s house. It has been a long time since I seen them, so I must take it as a good opportunity to meet them.

The past week there has been plenty of unrest in many people’s blogs with respect to the topic of the Association of Bloggers. In a way I have learnt that whenever you try to do something, you must be prepared for the backlash, and you must be prepared to ignore critics. I say ignore because some critics are just criticizing for the sake of criticizing, and their arguments are not really valid. Critics who raise valid points should always be welcomed and feedback be taken seriously.

In a way, I realize that this is remnants of the blog wars that was carried over since a few months ago. In actual fact, this shouldn’t be a blog war, but it has become one, and I feel that it is because of what the President wrote in her own blog. I feel very disgusted at what she wrote, because she could have not wrote all those insensitive things. If she had exercised restraint like any responsible representative of any association, a huge bulk of the problem would not have begun. Hence from this I learnt that when I become a representative, I have to be mindful of my words and actions because what I say and do will affect many people and cause many possible problems.

Personally I feel that most of their aims are good, and should be encouraged. Entrepreneurial actions should always be encouraged, even if they eventually fail. Their intentions are good, and there are a few people up on the team which I respect, one of them being Paddy, who is running many companies like Bak2u and Blog2u. Hence I’ll be just sitting back and watching how events unfold, and pray that they will overcome all the problems they have now and do the things they wanted to do.

There’ll always be people who disagree with your ideas, especially if they are new, but time has shown that it is with new ideas that our lives continually improve. People may think you are mad, or stupid, but persevere if you believe in something, and it will happen. 🙂

15 thoughts on “Updates; Chinese New Year; Association of Bloggers

  1. There was once upon a merry time
    When ping.sg tasted like lime
    So certain bloggers – out they climbed
    When Uzyn said they’ve commited crimes

    So they’ve been kept out of the ping.sg door
    When Uzyn decided that he needs them no more
    No good value they can offer – that’s quite a bore
    They can only watch those dancers on the floor

    So they got together and formed a community
    Get a few others in like the one who blogs at dainty
    Created a name called SBA but so far is quite empty
    Appeared and looked like a tiger but somehow mew like a kitty

    Make no mistake – most of them are the ping.sg outcast
    Where relationship with ping.sg boss they couldn’t last
    So much hatred, regrets and bad feelings of the past
    They try to form a community worthy of some class

    Yet all we bloggers see are nothing but empty talk
    Like in longkang you tried to perform a catwalk
    It’s like some historic past you tried to stalk
    And the entire blogophere you tried to shock

    And now it’s turned into a bigger mess
    Where opinions in few directions no less
    The founder of SBA is feeling more stress
    And no bloggers so far has said a YES

  2. Hmm. I got no comments on that. They themselves will know why they form an association, and I trust that they are mature enough not to do what they are doing just because of the reasons stated in your “poem”.

    But I must caution, because this is not supposed to be linked to the Ping.sg “war” some time back, but it has, and I think this is dangerous ground.

  3. wow that guy above me is a good poet LOL it all rhymes XD

    but on a more serious note look it this way i guess. blogging = freedom… having something call SBA is like have rules, which means maybe some moderation, hey they even had something about ‘teaching to blog’

    its funny i guess… its like imagine somewhere in the near future, blogging became a ‘major subject’ that u had to learn then be able to blog, then maybe by then there wun be any ‘entertianment’ just dull old new paper article kinda blogs… [iamgine old english worded blogs <.<“]

    people tend to blog for themselves, probbly run a few people down and then start a big hoo haaa which will die like 2 weeks max and everything start all over again over another thing…

    such a senario has been going on and on… for good or worst, its been like that… and to change that into old newspaper style of writing would seem pretty Zzzzz to me i guess…

    to me yes she was abit rash, brazen and so on [the SBA president] but i think generally the concensus is that they form it with ‘goverment’ backing…

    may have political ‘influence’ [or not] but overall seems like a regulatory body kinda feel to that association, which goes against what blogging stands for [being yourself] and feel like they are trying to regulate i guess XD

    sorry if i typed too much [hey maybe i should wroite this on my Blog XD LOL] so yeah my thoughts XD happy new year BTW

  4. Hi Rinko,

    Thanks for commenting. There’s no such thing as a comment that is too long because it’s always good to exchange ideas. 🙂

    Hmm. I get your point, but personally I’m hoping that there will be courses for those who want to blog better. I’m not talking about those personal blogs because how we blog makes it unique. I’m thinking about blogging in a professional sense. Using blogs to reach out to interested customers. Perhaps that would be extremely useful.

    And I also agree with your comment on the registration of the association with the government. Sounds too official, like the government has even come into the blogosphere. Used to be a nice place where we can write anything, but when something “official” comes up, even if it’s not really associated with the government, people feel weird. I guess we have to see with time, what their motive and actions are, and then judge.

    Happy New Year and thanks for your comment. I like it alot. 🙂

  5. Rinko : Freedom of what? If you’re talking about freedom of speech then there will always be. The day there are no freedom of speech is the day when all mouths are taken away of be sewn between ends!

    There is a difference between freedom of speech and freedom to libel/defame.

    You have every right to walk up to LKY and say “LKY…I hate the way you run our gahmen and treat the opposition. Stop it ”

    But if you say ” LKY you corrupt son of a bitch..why is your family getting rich of your power?” You’d better be able to prove it…or get ready to tng kor.

    WE have every freedom of speech and expression in Singapore..but not the freedom to libel, incite hatred, make false allegations and bear false fitness…that’s why we have calm and harmony here.

    You want unfettered freedom…sorry, Sinapore is too small and vulnerable for it. Any intelligent citizen should realise this. Another 100 years maybe…

  6. Hmm. I think Rinko is trying to mean that the association will have more guidelines and there will be somethings that cannot be said? I’m just guessing here.

    But obieamai, you’re absolutely right. What you wrote is what I have always been trying to tell people around me. This is a good comment, thank you.

  7. of course i will probbly not say the second one, cos i’ll be jailed by ISA LOL (i am not sucidal yet)

    and FYI i met LKY upclose b4, quite the experience… ahahahahaha XD lets say it was an experience i guess… but if i do meet him next time i would try to open my mouth [not @ awe with him]

    not like somethings that cannot be said, more of goverment hidden propagada i guess… its not i am against it, being ‘official’ means that u have to play along with the pro-goverment status that is ‘expected’

    and maybe if they did u know admit they have a pro-goverment stand it might be widely accepted that if u dun like the govermemnt dun join?

    but really… this entire thing is like trying to be like ‘a beacon of light’ but yet, y would u need like when there;s already a disco going on XD

    that my stand on this…. [yes yes i will blog on this soon <.<” as soon as i find my phone…. lol]

  8. The mess had degenerated to the point of no return
    So some told ECL her PR skill must go re-learn
    And as usual ECL upon hearing that arse damn BURNED !
    She told them F-OFF you guys if fame you don’t yearn

    So some of them decided to resign instead of being whacked
    For they think the odds against SBA are all stacked
    ECL keep offending people until everything start to crack
    So they think time to run – so up they get packed

    They don’t believe in more time and effort to try
    Because ECL’s mouth is so damn CHEEBY
    So they bid the whole thing GOOD BYE
    And wish the whole thing rot and die

    Their reaction derived purely from fear
    Where they’re afraid to get ECL’s verbal diarrhoea
    Random smatterings of attacks that smear
    Is the good sign they can’t call ECL dear

    So they don’t have time to make SBA the best
    From ECL’s outburst, she had failed the test
    So now they decided it is going to be no contest
    And back to their hole they decided to take a rest

    Putting a few people together is never enough
    When the offerings are full of stupid stuff
    This will prove to ECL to build community how tough
    And all are waiting to see is she a NATO powder puff

    She can rant and rave until her face turns blue
    But yet she’s finding it hard to get the message through
    Her leg is too small for the size of the shoe
    Time for the entire blogophere to boycott her is long overdue

    A CHEEBYE auntie she will always be
    Her sporadic outburst everyone can see
    So on her ugly face everyone wants to pee
    Whenever she F*** people up online wrongly

    The more she talk she worse she get
    We have not seen such incoherent drivel yet
    Her continued survival no one dare to bet
    So she should jump in and let us flush the toilet

    So she’s a fool and that’s decided long ago
    Everybody in the local blogosphere already know
    That everything ECL talk or do just won’t flow
    And she can never keep up with any show

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