After my Jap lessons have ended

My japanese lessons ended last Sunday on the first of February. I had the oral test, listening test and writing test on that day and I am glad that I have passed. Yokatta! *Jumps for joy* I’m quite glad to have finished the 2nd component of the Elementary lessons and now I have more time to do my own things, especially when the semester in already in the fourth week.

There is many new and exciting things to do with my life. Whilst studying hard for my semester, I must not neglect to have a balanced life, and hence I am also going out with friends occasionally to enjoy life. However I haven’t been going for Mango dessert sessions for a week already, and this week I won’t be going too. I will instead be going for a performance at the University Cultural Centre this friday with a friend.

My journey towards improving my financial planning knowledge has also begun. Just yesterday I went to research on the Dependent Protection Scheme, and I will be starting a new blog on the knowledge I have acquired. It won’t be like a normal blog, but rather I’ll use wordpress as a content management system, and I will fill the whole site with different articles about the different aspects of financial planning that I have learnt. I am still thinking of a name for the site though, and I am still in the process of designing the site. I do hope to be able to finish it by the end of the month though and write my first article on the Dependent Protection Scheme.

Today I also started watching the new channel 8 show, called Wei Lai Bu Shi Meng, translated as the future is not a dream. I’m watching it because it is a show on engineers and the government is actually trying to encourage people to join the engineering field.

It is quite interesting, but I fail to see how a sudden poison gas leak will help encourage people. It seems dangerous to have a sudden gas leak like that. Haha. At Chartered Semiconductor some more. I *might* end up there!

But then again, the lifestyle of engineers seems quite hectic. Jessica Liu who works at Chartered has to be on call and go back at night if she is called back. Perhaps for the first few years of my career I wouldn’t mind giving it a shot, but it is definitely not for long term.

Ah well. Shall continue watching it. It seems like in episode 3 or 4 there is NUS featured in the drama. 🙂 NUS Engin!

2 thoughts on “After my Jap lessons have ended

  1. Haha well for external schools, they normally make it easy to pass. And it’s not hard to learn when you have some time, even when you’re studying actually. 🙂

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