Week 5 of school

It’s already the 5th week of school in NUS, and it seems like yesterday when everyone came back to school for our first week. Time does indeed pass by very fast, and I guess it passes by faster since I’m more used to university life now. The timetable also makes it easy for time to pass, since by the afternoon I would normally be home.

This semester I am taking 5 modules, so it seems a little more slack than last semester. For one, I seem to be able to keep up with my work in school as compared to last semester. Last semester, I used the mid term break to catch up with my lectures. At least now I am still just slightly behind. Only slightly. I normally am able to catch up after Friday or the weekends.

There is an SS assignment due next week, and I’m trying to finish it by Friday so that I can submit to my tutor to get her comments before delivering the final draft. However I am wondering if I would be able to finish it by then, especially when I feel that I have not much points to write about, and the points doesn’t seem to be that good. But I guess for a module that I’ll S/U eventually, I do not need to put in so much effort.

This saturday will be valentines day. It is a refreshing break from past years, and I don’t have to worry about stuff like where to go, where to get the flowers, how much my budget will be burnt by. Not that I had that much trouble last time. I never did reserve places, and I never did go to any restaurants for Valentines. Personally, now I feel that Valentines is a business opportunity, not a day to celebrate love or anything. I would very much like to prefer enjoying a nice night out on other days, when it isn’t so crowded. Not to mention Valentines Day this year falls on a weekend. Imagine the crowd! Not to mention that the flowers are so expensive.

Maybe some people will say things like “oh you’re so unromantic”. But am I? Perhaps I am, but stop and think about it, is buying something that is more expensive than normal romantic? I am not sure about it. I think romantic would be enjoying a nice night out. Night walks by the beach. Watching the stars together, lying there, talking. I should compile a list of nonsense ideas to use. Or cooking a meal together. Or just giving a sudden call. Haha. Suddenly I don’t know what I want anymore.

There are many things I should probably do but I’m not doing. 😦 Sometimes I think about what I had wanted in life a few weeks ago, and then I feel demoralized. Will I have what I want? I don’t really know.

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