Busy with school work and renewed motivation

It’s the 6th week of school already and 2 days have past. The SS assignment that is due on Friday has already been submitted electronically to Turnitin.com. I’ve just got to print it and submit it to the relevant place on Friday. At least I got it done.

There’ll be two lab sessions this week. EE2006 on Thursday. I’m trying to complete it within an hour. Friday will be the 2nd EE2010 lab. I guess for that I have to prepare myself better.

There’s a lot to catch up. Thankfully there’s the recess week coming. I’ll at least have a week to catch up and do my own stuff.

Attended Adam Khoo’s talk today at Center for Excellence @ Great Eastern building. It’s part of my course requirements because there’s this voucher or subsidy that I have to hand over to Advisors Alliance as part of the internship “fees”. Adam Khoo’s speech is really predictable because it’s the same speech I heard the last time I was there last year. But as usual he made some sense.

Talked to the people in the industry again as well. It’s like renewing motivation to learn and do some stuffs. Over the course of time, I’ll definitely get demoralized occasionally, and the occasional talk with them helps to motivate me further. But what they say is right. It depends on what I really want for myself.

Touch your forehead now. Do you feel anything? There’s a price tag there on your head. What’s your price tag? Is your price tag determined by your boss, or is it determined by you? A long time ago, there’s an iron rice bowl. But now it doesn’t exist anymore. A job is not really risk free. Just look at DBS. You’ll get retrenched, and they retrench the senior executives who are too expensive to maintain. That is the sad sad life. We get conditioned by schools to study hard, do our best, come out work for a company. Product of Singapore.

But at least I have a choice now. At least I can experiment with some stuffs now and see how. At least I have a choice. 🙂

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