Night Cycling at East Coast

I’m back from a whole night (ok actually not whole night) of night cycling at East Coast. We gathered at 8 in McDonalds and waited for those late comers. The night actually began disappointingly when we realize a few people could not come. One didn’t come because he had a valid reason, that he had a meeting the next day, hence he and his gf didn’t come. 2 people down.

One didn’t come because the other guy had a meeting and didn’t come. 3 people down.

The last one is the best. We called her at 9pm. She was still at home. Why the fuck did she not call and tell us or even give us an sms to say that she won’t be coming. Why say you’ll come the day before when we smsed everyone the meeting place and time. Why agree when you can’t be bothered to come in the first place? So 4 people down.

The night began with 4 people not coming and a strength of 7. Well at least it’s not a dismal attendance. At least we have 7.

The whole outing was still fun though. We cycled from ECP past NSRCC, to the whole stretch of road beside the runway and all the way up past the ferry terminal for Tekong and to Changi Village. We had nice Nasi Lemak there before we continued our journey.

Next we went down Loyang Avenue 7 and there’s this up hill part. I could have continued if I had been able to clear the obstacle. My right leg was too close hence I stopped and the moment I stopped I had cramps at both thighs. Everyone took some rest and continued up slope and then it was down slope all the way. Went past Expo, to the Tanah Merah Mrt line, to Bedok 85. I didn’t eat anything but the rest had some.

Then we continued back to the MRT line and went to Geylang, which is a very busy stretch of road. It was late, yet it’s still so active and busy. However the place we wanted to go to was closing for the night, hence we had to settle for prata. By this time our asses were all in pain and we’re all tired, hence we went back to East Coast via Ford Road. We actually cycled the whole stretch of ECP, come to think of it. Take the ending plus the starting. Haha.

Returned the bikes through they key drop and took the bus all the way to buona vista, then mrt back to Lakeside, bathe and sleep all the way till lunch. Woke up, eat, and sleep all the way to 6 when I had dinner. What a wonderful outing. But I won’t be doing it any time soon since it’s really tiring.

The cycling drained all my energy. Else we could have watched the sunrise. Aww.. Anyway I haven’t watched the sunset or sunrise in my life. Maybe next time somebody can watch it with me.

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