Want a uniquely designed card? I recommend..

I’ve bought a card recently from this blogshop. I really shouldn’t write this since the person receiving the card would now know where it came from. However I think it is important to give credit where credit is due. I think the designs of the cards in this blogshop is really different, and in my opinion, much superior than the normal looking cards you get outside. Plus it’s cheaper.

The cards are of a simple design, yet I find them refreshing and unique. Smells like a handmade card although I didn’t make it myself. Sincerity++? I don’t know.

The payment mode is via ATM Fund Transfer. After you transferred the money, you send them an email with all the details and your order. They’ll get back to you and send your card via post. So give them like 2-3 days for the card to arrive at your mailbox.

Caution though. The dimensions are clearly written on the site, so please check. I didn’t and I got a card smaller than I expected, but enough for me to write what I needed to write anyway.

They’re called PaperyCard. Do support them!

2 thoughts on “Want a uniquely designed card? I recommend..

  1. Doesn’t require an Albert Einstein to know that blogshop is yours and you’re advertising for it.

    Yeah right, support them(you)!

  2. Hi Ken,

    Sadly Albert Einstein ever made an error in one of his equations which he called the blunder of his life, and it also doesn’t require Albert Einstein to figure out that assumption makes an ass out of you and me.

    I do not own that blogshop. I’ve heard of it because they stuck advertisements around NUS. I have personally bought from them and found them to be fast and prompt. I have no need to hide if it is indeed my own shop.

    If you have been a regular reader, you would have known that I proudly declare the sites that I’ve created. If I created a blog shop, I would admit that it is owned by me. Personally, I think if I admitted, my friends would have a greater tendency to purchase from me.

    I am very much insulted because you questioned my integrity. I do not own this blog shop and I do not even own any blogshops.

    Have a nice day!

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