What will you defend?

That’s the total defence day tagline for this year, and I think it’s a good question that we should all think about. If we seriously ponder, there are many things that each and every one will defend.

Just yesterday when I met up with Nelson’s other friends for badminton, I found out that they are also from Guards, except that they were from 3 Guards and I was from 1 Guards. Different batch too. One of them commented that Guards is sick. I said no.

Personally Guards is a tough unit, but all the more I’m proud to say I graduated from the conversion course, endured my whole NS journey with my fellow Guardsmen, and grew up together with them. It is this pride that keeps you going, that keeps me saying proudly, “Yes I am a Guardsmen”.

But back to the question. What will you defend?

I’ll defend Singapore because this is my home. I don’t care who is running this country, whether it is this government or any government, because to me, Singapore is this geographical entity bounded by the hearts of each and every single Singaporean. No matter which political party takes over, Singapore is still Singapore and this is still my country. So don’t comment and argue about how could I love a country that [insert your ideas here].

I’ll defend my family because that’s where my life is.

I’ll also defend my ideas on freedom and my rights.

There are so many things I will defend for. What’s yours?

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