The end of the recess week

Today is the last day of the recess week, and from tomorrow onwards, school will reopen. There will only be 7 weeks more of school left before reading week kicks in. This means I have 8 more weeks to my final examinations. The first 3 weeks of the new “term” will see a few mid term tests coming about, contributing a significant portion to the final grade.

This just means that it’ll be a mad rush starting from tomorrow onwards, plus the sure amount of lab sessions I have for this month is “oh so sick”.

Important days of March:
2nd – EE2012 Mid term test
3rd – EE2009 Lab 1
5th – EE2006 Design Lab Introduction
11th – EE2010 Mid term test
12th – EE2006 Design Lab 1
12th – EE2006 Mid term test
18th – EE2010 Lab 3
19th – EE2006 D2A lab
24th – EE2006 D2B Lab Test
26th – SS Essay 2 Due
27th – EE2009 Lab 2

And I haven’t included my EE2009 Signals Mid Term Test. I have to start registering for the test next week. Judging from the pace I am at now, I think it is very difficult to achieve my aim for this semester, so I will have to start working really hard from today onwards.

I don’t really want to have to worry about unnecessary issues like the trip, so I think I’m just ignoring it for the moment being. How I wish people are more practical. As in when you decide to do something, you think of the possible problems and try to minimize all the errors. Instead of procrastinating and thinking “it’s ok”, that “we still have time”. Some things are just better off planned and ready. At least you won’t need to tear your hair when problems arises. Things like think of budget before planning a trip.

Yeah so many mistakes. Sometimes I nag. I push for a budget. I ask questions. I ask “so what are we exactly doing”, expecting a decent answer. But you don’t get a decent answer because majority of your friends probably do not care as much. Which resulted in all these problems now. And people call you “kan cheong”, ask you “plan so early for what”, as if you’re the one that’s wrong. I hate such styles actually, but since most people are ok, I’ll just go with the flow. No point arguing and I know I am right in the end. That is why I said I hate to be not in control. When people decide for you what should be the standard you should follow. Argh.

Why can’t everyone just be more responsible? More mature? We’re university students, yet we act like we are little kids planning for a trip to the ice cream stall. Seriously, if everyone was responsible, then nothing like this would happen.

One big lesson I learn: If you have problems now, solve it NOW. Don’t push it to next time before you think about how you are going to solve the problem. Because you used to have plenty of options. After you delay and procrastinate, some options disappear, and then you’re stuck with a shitty solution. And it’s not so bad that you yourself got stuck with a shitty solution, you might disrupt other people’s lives too. So I must learn to solve my problems as they come, before the snowball and my options run out. I think, that is something important to know.

So many new lessons, but who will learn them? I wonder. Sometimes I think, friends are really important. You are who you hang out with. If you surround yourself with highly motivated people with a desire to succeed in life, more likely than not you’ll have the same drive too. But if you surround yourself with people who are just not like that, people who just can’t be bothered, then you got yourself a problem. But of course, you got to see what they can’t be bothered about, and how much they affect you. At least, I think my close friends are not those that will go into “cannot be bothered” mode for major projects. At least, with a little pushing, our outings always ends up in a success. That’s my JC clique. Time for other people to learn. Tsk.

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