Alex Berenson’s The Faithful Spy

I borrowed this book from the library on impulse. I just saw the red book standing out, particularly since it’s one of the newer looking books there, and then I just picked it. It sounds interesting though, with things about a CIA spy in Al Qaeda. After reading a few detective and history novels, I thought it would be a refreshing change, and it is.

The writer, Alex Berenson won the EDGAR Award for this book.

Basically, this story is about a CIA spy named John Wells who successfully infiltrated into Al Qaeda and slowly progressed up the ranks in the many years he was in Afghanistan. Since he has not contacted CIA for a very long time, they are unsure if he has changed to the “dark side”, and whether he is working as a double agent.

One day John Wells was sent back to America by Al Qaeda because Al Qaeda wants to launch a terrorist attack on America. Feeling that it is his fault for not getting intelligence on 9/11, John decides to make it up by foiling whatever big plan Al Qaeda has for America.

When he gets back he is doubted by his CIA minders, although one of his female minders strongly believed in him, and has romantic feelings for him. The CIA let’s him loose to see what he will do, and with the female’s help he escapes and starts to plan to welcome the Al Qaeda representative.

In a nutshell, he has to do things to gain trust from the representative, and only manages to discover the terrorist problem in the very last minute, but he also manages to foil the attacks. How he does it would be a question that you have to read the book to answer. ๐Ÿ™‚

Update: This post is written on July 30th last year! I actually saved it as a draft and forgot about it.

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