End of the 2nd last week of the semester

My fourth semester at NUS is coming to a close in about a week’s time. This week has already ended since tomorrow is Good Friday, and since it’s a holiday, there won’t be any classes. But it ending means that there is only 2 more weeks to my first examination, and that is really scary.

Somehow I feel that I haven’t been putting enough revision and effort into this semester like the previous one, and it may very well be a stroke of luck that I have had the best mid term results compared to the previous 3 semesters. Somehow I am left wondering if I’m burning out faster as each semester progresses. I didn’t experience any burn out periods in the first year. I got burnt out and fed up during last semester’s reading week, but that is to be expected because I really did put in much effort in revising. But this sem, I’m starting to just feel like not doing so much. I know it’s wrong but it’s just a feeling I have.

I finished the last lab session of the semester today with the conclusion of my digital design lab assignment. I created a circuit comprising of a timer and 9 other chips, and it has a function to count the number of signals that got passed through the circuit. Something like that. The demonstration went well and I’ll be getting max marks for the demo. I answered the questions well too, in my opinion. Other than one slight problem, the rest of the questions were answered rather satisfactory. I was blur for a second when I tried to link period 1s = 1Hz. But nonetheless I think I did well.

Now that there’s only two weeks left, I have to seriously start doing some intense revision and preparation for the exams, so that I will be happy and excited when I get back my results in probably about a month’s time after the last paper? That should be in end May or early June, so I’m hoping it’ll be a good birthday present for me. 🙂

On a lighter note, the horoscope yesterday said my love life is peaking, which is rather sad for me. For normal people, they should be elated at that, but for me, the thought that this kind of life is called peaking is a rather sad thought. It just simply means, it won’t get any better than this. LOL. Engineer logic.

Anyway, there has been a recent surge in count of EE couples. Some of them really hang out all the time with each other, to the point its obvious to me, a total stranger. I wonder how fast they’ll get sick of each other if they keep seeing each other during lesson and lectures and lunch and what have you. But I also think it’s rather sweet. At least they have each other to rely on when they have problems with EE. For me, I’m just glad I have friends for that. Anyway in my opinion I wouldn’t want someone in the same course. Too similar le. Haha.

Omg. I’m like super tired. Haha.

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